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See also: U.S. Navy Training Evaluations

o directly responsible for the rating of satisfactory overall for the Training portion of the S3 Staff Section

o facilitated the submission and approval of _ soldiers for career advancement training, to include professional military schools among other courses

o my go-to resident expert when faced with short suspenses; develops programs that meet or exceed requirements quickly

o fearless; assumed responsibilities as Training NCO in addition to his regular duties

o attention to detail and close interaction with unit representatives and higher echelons contributed to the success of the mission

o developed a detailed tracking system that improved the company's ability to forecast and support training exercises

o enrolled 48 Soldiers into WLC, ALC or SLC; also enrolled 55 additional Soldiers into other CATC courses

o as Assistant Training NCO, expertly maintained the reports for Company Training Meetings, Battalion Training Meetings and for The Digital Training Management System

o managed all ATTRS training requirements for Individual and collective training, eliminated redundant requirements, increased focus on core tasks

o managed all training requirements Group-wide, ensuring all individuals planned, scheduled, and accomplished training appropriate for their individual training needs, as well as leadership training

o devoted weeks towards the development and modification of the FRAGO to the Group Commander's Annual Training Guidance

o coordinated all 38B instruction to include classroom and FTX

o increased the mission readiness and capability of Charlie Company for the upcoming deployment

o accepted duties as the Readiness and Supply NCOs in spite of having received no formal training

o worked tirelessly for Bravo Company while assigned to Charlie Company and completed Level One Combatives

o developed a meticulous and detailed tracking system that improved the company's ability to forecast and prepare for training exercises

o implemented a tracking system for Training & Readiness Manual events and Combat Readiness Percentage (CRP)

o adopted a weekly training schedule system which kept the Company Commander and Bn S-3 abreast of the Company's training

o was the primary factor in the unit meeting the Army standard on the Army Warrior Tasks and Battle Drills

o provided valuable insight and resources to ensure all training schedules were adhered to

o effectively revived a crippled training program and created the environment for success


o tracked training of over 700 Soldiers during a 30 month period with no loss

Inside vehicle at Advanced Leadership Course

o assisted in the planning and execution of all schools, weapon ranges, and pre-deployment training requirements for four subordinate units

o superb organization skills facilitated the restoration of a crippled training program and created an environment for success

o implemented the Organization Inspection Program resulting in greater program awareness within the organization


o reviewed and updated the PT cards and weapon qualification cards for a 110-man company and updated 20 additional duty memorandums

o coordinated all student travel issues and prepared the proper documentation to ASA Fort Dix authorities for student departure

o processed over 1,200 applications for schools, from Initial Entry Training to Senior Service College

o secured many schools required for deployment which are not normally available by working closely with National Guard Bureau

o developed, implemented and actively managed short-range planning calendars for Battalion providing improved visibilty of operational and strategical goals and raising operational readiness rate to 98% for Operations Iraqi Freedom and New Dawn

o used her extensive organizational skills to assist in the successful transition of Regional Training Center-Central's Company reorganization

o guided the efficient consolidation of three training companies while simutaneously providing guidance and constant communication to 24 warrior units

o volunteered to assist in organizing Regional Training Center-Central's Dining Out, improved morale and developed esprit de corps within the battalion

o his untiring efforts and dedication to duty had a direct impact on the Fort Dix NCOA's 91% TRADOC Accreditation rating

o administered 33 Protective Assestment Tests to Eucom's rapid deployment teams within 96 hours, delivering critical and accurate assessments

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