Training Room NCOER Bullets

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Training Room Clerk

o assisted with the life cycling of over 160 monitors, laptops, and printers; modernized learning tools and facilitated feature enhancements

o served as orderly room clerk in and was responsible for the morale, welfare, and training of two soldiers; advised the 1SG on all personnel, finance, and award related subjects

o ensured all of the Company's training files and unit-level Additional Duty memorandums were up to date during the unit's most recent CIP inspection

o reviewed and updated PT cards and weapon qualification cards for a 120 man company and updated 28 additional duty memorandums.

o reviewed and built a completely new and more efficient database for tracking administrative data within the company

o identified areas within Okinawa that are relevant training locations and obtained large scale maps in order to facilitate and enhance the operations of HHB command Post during the scheduled Battalion Field Exercise

Training Room NCO

o SSG Jones' systematic ability in learning and working the additional duties of UPL, ATRRS, DTMS, and TAMIS programs, was another facet of the success within the S-3 Training Room

o planned, scheduled, and processed all schools, weapon ranges, and pre-deployment training requirements for five subordinate units within the Battalion

o developed and implemented training room procedures and established training schedules and SOPs for the unit

o mentored and trained fellow soldiers on unit SOPs and ensured they were current on all their training

o worked outside of her MOS; SGT Young was instrumental in the day-to-day operations of the HHC BDE training room which supports over one hundred Service Members

Training Room NCOIC

o developed, implemented and actively managed short-range planning calendars for Battalion providing improved visibilty of operational and strategical goals and raising operational readiness rate to 98% for Operations Iraqi Freedom and New Dawn

o coordinated all student travel issues and prepared the proper documentation to ASA Fort Dix authorities for student departure

o streamlined administrative operations and acted as squad leader and platoon sergeant during training exercises

o served as a liaison between the HHT training room and the Squadron S-1 shop

o updated the files for both HHT and the S-1 shop; prepared updated ration cards for all Soldiers redeploying from Afghanistan

o maintained accurate and complete reports for Company Training Meetings, Battalion Training Meetings, and for The Digital Training Management System (DTMS)

o managed all ATTRS training requirements for Individual and Collective training; eliminated redundant requirements, increased focus on core tasks

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