Vehicle Commander NCOER Bullets

o demonstrated technical proficiency and knowledge of ammo handling procedures, policies, and safety practices; maintained vital safety

o developed and implemented a Soldier SOP checklist for the Stryker Crews to follow before and after platoon movements

o subject matter expert on the M240B qualification standards; ensured qualification tables were conducted quickly, safely, and efficiently

o filled platoon NCO shortage; performed as Squad Leader and Vehicle Commander

o performed Vehicle Commander duties in an extremely capable and professional manner; set example for peers to emulate

o showed attention to detail throughout ranges while assisting in ammo handling; integrated seamlessly with operations

o navigated his vehicle through rough terrain; skilled actions prevented accidents and harm to himself, his crew or dismounts

Stryker Vehicle Commander

o acted as a seasoned Soldier; demonstrated proficiency, knowledge, leadership potential, initiative, and attention to detail

o conducted ammunition operations for the M4 rifle and M240 Bravo heavy machine gun ranges conducted by 3rd Platoon in support of Operation Spartan Shield

o ensured safe and efficient training of 19 Soldiers firing multiple weapon systems

o assisted the Platoon Sergeant by monitoring communications and battle tracking all information

o served as a Team Leader and Vehicle Commander for 3rd Platoon, Comanche Troop, 1/2 CR

o devoted his efforts to the professional development, safety, morale, welfare, and readiness of two Soldiers and one Stryker Infantry Carrier Variant

o escorted over 2 million gallons of fuel over 20,000 miles

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