Volunteer & Community Service NCOER Bullets

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Adopt a Highway/Community Cleanup

o active community service; participated in Adopt-A-Highway program and aided local beautification efforts

o dedicated 5 hours to community cleanup, cleared lawns and removed garbage, improved area for Fayetteville residents

o devoted 6 hours to Mustangs Battalion Adopt-A-Highway; collected over 20 bags of litter and beautified 2-mile stretch of Monterey Bay

o Adopt-a-Highway volunteer; collected 120 pounds of trash in 3 hours and strengthened community ties

o spearheaded community cleanup; disposed of trash along coast; efforts removed over 100 pounds of waste

Meals on Wheels/Food Service

o devoted 16 hours to feeding the homeless at Colorado Springs community food bank; exemplified service and leadership

o donated 40 holiday dinners to local homeless shelter; improved community welfare and military relationship

o Feed My Starving Children volunteer. worked with 110 members to provide 5,000 meals and vital nutrition to children worldwide

o community supporter! Waipahu Soup Kitchen server; served 200 people in 4 hours; extended hand to homeless

o caring member of community; selflessly volunteered at local soup kitchen to serve food to those less fortunate, fostered community relations

o led battalion meals-on-Wheels program; coordinated the delivery of 28 meals, enriched the lives of the less fortunate

o volunteered 4 hours with the Waipahu soup kitchen; prepared and served meals to more than 200 people; boosted community relations

o led project with Salvation Army; prepared, packaged 2,200 meals, assisted 2,000 Houston families

o volunteered for local Meals-on-Wheels program; delivered 44 meals, provided vital aid to elderly and needy

o represented unit at homeless shelter; served meals to 40 residents, set the example for others to follow

o worked 12 hours for Second Harvest Food Bank; served food and drinks to more than 100 families in need

o volunteered at Missouri veterans home; played cards, served meals--enhanced base and community relations

Honor Guard/Parades/Change of Command

o devoted to Profession of Arms; volunteered for USSOCOM Change of Command Ceremony, upheld USA heritage

o paid respect to U.S. fallen warriors; participated in two dignified transfers, ensured timely CONUS shipment

o performed escort duties during 101st ABN change of command; military tradition upheld

o escorted spouses during graduation dinner; improved morale for squadron's military members and families

o assisted during CSA visit; red carpet detail member at HC-130J commemoration ceremony; professionalism shined!

o tip of spear for NCO induction ceremony; performed TAPS for audience; paid tribute to our fallen soldiers

o volunteered two hours for Advanced Leader Course retreat ceremony; demonstrated customs and courtesies, bolstered esprit de corps

o Patriot Guard procession volunteer; 100-member formation displayed military bearing and paid respects to fallen hero

o patriot; volunteered to represent section at Eigth Army retreat ceremony; demonstrated pride in country and esprit de corps

o volunteered for change of command; setup and teardown team member; enabled highly successful event

o embraced tradition; participated in WLC retreat ceremony; demonstrated professionalism and esprit de corps

o obligated personal time; setup and tore down '15 Regimental dinner; key to Battalion camaraderie

o volunteered during two 452nd CSH retreat formations; upheld standing military traditions and exemplified Esprit de Corps

o volunteered for 452nd CSH promotion celebration; greeted guests and selects; showcased professionalism

o represented Ft Hood; poised change of command static display; professionalism lauded by staff

o led set up/tear down team; prepared retirement ceremony for 26 year MSG--time honored tradition

o assisted with retirement ceremony, performed proffer duties; commemorated 22 years of service

o avid community supporter; stood formation in Memorial Day Flag raising detail--boosted morale/AF image

o US Flag unveiling team mbr '12 MLB All Star game; unified ceremony/Americas pastime--applauded by nation

o volunteered for, planned and participated in annual POW/MIA ceremony--powerful display of integrity

Community Service

o contributed 100 hours to the Friends of Africa charitable organization; received the President's Volunteer Service Award for his efforts.

o performed volunteer work at the local church; always sought opportunities to coach and mentor youth

o volunteer member of pet welfare organization, cared for deployed members' pets; relieved stress, facilitated mission

o volunteered to head CFC charity drive for the workcenter; positive role model, bettered conditions for all

o involved in local Head Start Program; patiently read books to over 20 children ages 6 years to 8 years

o dedicated to team building; put together, hosted weekly evening meals for the Bn soccer team

o united communities during the Camp Zama Open House; over 2,000 local nationals attended celebration

o put best foot forward, no job too large or small, helped deliver food to 5 different 24-hour work centers

o volunteered to assist local Red Cross in distributing food and clothing to flood victims in the Low Country

o strong community leader; chaperones school functions and regularly mentors elementary school children

o volunteered 10 hours supervising and cleaning up for the Patch Barracks Youth Halloween Harvest Party

o organized games for 120 base dependents; provided a safe haven and a huge Halloween night success!

o head coach for Heidelberg high school wrestling team; taught safe/proper techniques; zero mishaps/injuries

o community minded; represented Schofield Barracks in Waipahu May Day parade; raised over $12K for local community

o security minded; collaborated with Fayetteville community leaders on Neighborhood Watch programs

o made contribution of considerable and lasting value as Neighborhood Watch volunteer; crime down 90%

o tutored high school students--raised students' score by average of one letter grade--inspiring!

o promotes harmony and high spirits; personally invited by Base Chaplain to help spread holiday cheer

o Santa's helper! decorated Christmas tree, passed out carol sheets, and served hot chocolate--rekindled spirits

o volunteered 4 hours for Adopt-a-Pet at Ft Bliss Team car wash; helped raise over $600 for local shelter

o donated items to Mannheim American Committee Toys for Tots drive; selfless, generous service!

o adopted Philippine orphanage; donated over 80 hours labor on new building; solidified community support

o volunteered 88 hours of service to Fort Bliss and the local community

o his involvement with the community's youth promoted a positive image of soldiers as role models

o SPC B**** dedicated 12 hours to the city of El Paso through the Fort Bliss Sergeant Audie Murphy Club

o supported annual Trot For Tots; collected over $2,000 for underprivileged children of El Paso

o worked 40 hours during Army Sergeants Association fund raiser and raised over $400 for local charities

o volunteered to oversee unit participation in annual base fund raiser; increased unit morale, benefited charity

Echo Six Association

o volunteered 250+ hours for the Echo Six Association; elected as Treasurer and Vice-President overseeing activities and managing budget operations worth $15K over a seven-month period.

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