Voting Assistance Officer NCOER Examples

o unit assistant Voting Rep; instructed 120 Soldiers on procedures to complete requests for absentee ballots; increased participation by 50%

o served as Voting Officer; aided 23 voters, trained 112 members and civilians; SecDef program 100% compliant with regulations

o hand picked as squadron voting officer; ensured voting assistance and information for over 300 members and their families

o led high visibility SECDEF program; processed 667 absentee ballots; ensured members right to vote during Presidential Election

o briefed new personnel on voting opportunities and procedures; secured best absentee ballot received rate in six years

o unit voting rep; POTUS/State and absentee ballot conduit for crucial/historic election; 100% of unit members contacted

o managed battalion voting program; facilitated absentee voting process; advised and assisted 388 personnel, bolstered poll numbers across 28 states

o volunteered as voter assistance representative; encouraged all military to vote; defended democracy and preserved military funding

o developed a voting materials accounting program; ensured over 2,000 absentee ballots and associated materials were processed and accounted for with zero discrepancies

o ensured all voting information was reported in the Automated Military Postal System (AMPS); enabled tracking by the Military and the U.S. Postal Services; preserved integrity

o provided registration and voting information, materials, and assistance to all eligible Army voters; increased awareness and raised participation by 50%

o educated eligible voters on the importance of voting and expanded opportunites to register and cast a ballot

o achieved 100% contact and ensured all Soldiers, in garrison or deployed, had the opportunity to vote

o supported over 3,000 Soldiers across 12 tenant units; allowed personnel to exercise their right to vote

o revived the mandatory voting program, recruiting and managing 88 unit voting assistance officers who collectively provided voting assistance to 1,600 voters during a critical election year

o assisted over 2,000 Fort Gordon personnel with registering for upcoming local and presidential elections; sustained rights and privileges

o volunteered to serve as unit voting assistance officer while simultaneously maintaining his day to day responsibilities

o spearheaded absentee voting program; routed and delivered over 1,000 ballots in less than 40 hours; exceeded DoD standards by 84%

o hands-on voting rep; followed up on absentee ballot requests, identified state (Georgia) that failed to send any requested absentee ballots

o selected as voting representative; interacted with unit members; ensured all ballots were requested and received on time

o volunteered as Voting Assistance Officer; aided 1,200 voters, trained Soldiers and civilians during POTUS election; fulfilled SecDef mandate

o championed conservative cause; educated military members, guided voting process; preserved military funding and American values

o educated members on voting rights; increased absentee ballot requests by 500% over previous year; restored democracy!

o devoted 40 hours to assist voters; reduced errors in ballot requests and increased ballot return rate by 70%; made America great again

o facilitated absentee voting process for all states; provided information and schedules; contributed to historic 2016 election success

o voting rep; provided info, reviewed requests, ensured accuracy, eligibility to vote; sustained and improved election integrity

o developed a local voting materials accounting program; ensured over 800 absentee ballots and voting materials were processed and accounted for with zero discrepancies

o ensured all voting information was entered in the Automated Military Postal System (AMPS); enabled tracking by Military Postal Service Agency and the USPS

o supported over 3,000 Airmen and their families; allowed personnel to exercise their democratic right to vote

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