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Weather NCOER Bullets

o assisted the MET Forecaster for HQ RC(S); expanded weather notification by 200%, improved operational coordination

o managed the creation of over 5K weather products in support of 1,500 Army missions across two nations; best support in over 5 years

o enabled 20K flight hours across rotary, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance assets that lead to the destruction of 11 vehicles, 32 EKIA

o supported 38 unit training rotations into the Joint Readiness Training Center, enabling over a thousand red air sorties; provided effective training for over 100K soldiers

o accurately forecasted and briefed weather impacting Regional Command South; saved over $1,000,000 in exercise false starts

o liaised with units outside RC(S) to ensure weather data was accurate and timely; optimized training opportunities

o provided precision weather reports to the Commanding General and the G2 that were timely, accurate and relied upon for daily operational decisions

o oversaw weather operations for the 3/10 Brigade Combat Team, the Joint Readiness Training Center and Fort Polk

o maximized joint training opportunities and cut fiscal costs, saving the Air Force and the Army over $20,000 on the annual weather budget

o established standardized procedures for weather support procedures for both garrison and training operations; consolidated 3/10 BCT support documentation

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