MOS 65C, Dietitian OER Bullets

o provided 11 Soldiers with mandatory nutritional counseling for failing regulatory height and weight requirements; first step in rehabilitation

o acted as liaison to 22 tenant unit commanders in over 36 fitness review panels over a two year period; protected the rights of servicemen

o instructed supporting unit, during a nationwide COVID pandemic, on nutritional counseling; garnered requests from 20 Soldiers for personalized nutrition plans

o delivered unit's first nutritional counseling; established and fostered ongoing sister service relationship

o conducted dietary rounds to interview over 200 patients on regular and therapeutic diets to determine satisfaction; guided recovery

o counseled over 70 new cardiac and diabetic patients on their new diet plans; restored hope and facilitated health gains

o assembled and delivered over 500,000 inpatient meals; leveraged patient care

o oversaw the safeguarding and maintenance of two Storage Areas; maintained temperatures and reduced food spoliage by 20%

o managed $900,000 produce contract; synchronized delivery times with work schedules, reducing waste

o inventoried, controlled, and issued $1.5M in food and subsistence budget in support of 250,000 beneficiaries

o personalized the dietary needs for 22 units, 420 beds and over 400,000 patients; improved recovery rate

o served as the sole nutrition consultant for 13 providers; delivered appropriate menus for optimum healing

o planned and excecuted all diet related education events and classes in support of Air Force Fitness and Weight loss programs; reduced failures by 12%

o revitalized the nourishment inventory by system; optimized the use and management of the $60,000 supplement inventory

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