MOS 65D Physician Assistant OER Examples

o contributed to the POTUS-initiated Corona Virus response plan and the Type 1 Community Vaccination Center efforts in the State of Michigan; limited virus spread

o oversaw the safety of 161,000 vaccinated clients and coordinated the treatment for 153 medical responses in support of Joint Task Force Motor City

o established sick call procedures for Det 1, coordinated an on-call schedule with six Advance Practice Providers, ensuring 24-hour a day access for 240 Soldiers

o directed the administration of over 110,000 vaccines, achieving a 37% state resident inoculation rate in the COVID-19 epicenter

o initiated a TRICARE initiative that established a medical cell for Task Force Center West; reduced delay in care for 700 members by 35%

o ensured 22 Physician Assistants and Medical Lab Technicians met the needs of Rapid COVID Testing Sites; enabled rapid global mobility of more than 10,000 Soldiers

o trained 14 Medical personnel in Rapid COVID Testing Site operation; achieved zero mission delays despite ever-changing foreign clearance requirements and policy changes

o procured $123,000 of additional equipment and Rapid Antigen test kits and drove a shift manning increase ahead of requirements; foresight allowed seamless execution despite increased demands

o manned cold zone triage during the CBRNE Emergency Response Force Package External Evaluation; accurately triaged and transported over 100 patients and contributed to mission success

o served as Region Delta's Senior Physician Assistant during the COVID 19 response effort; fulfilled all physical requirements and completed the mission

o expedited an after-hours review of over 110 personnel medical records; produced a savings of over 20 man hours for the unit and scored 98% on the Evaluation and Training inspection

o oversaw approximately 1,000 Corona tests for personnel travelling abroad; prevented spread of debilitating illness

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