Recommendation for Active Duty Enlistment

MEMORANDUM FOR To Whom it May Concern

SUBJECT: Letter of Recommendation for xxxxx

1. It is with great pleasure that I recommend xxxxxxxxx for reenlistment in the United States Army. I have known him for quite some time and can personally attest to his intelligence, fortitude, and professionalism. His former supervisors, peers and subordinates can confirm his exceptional qualities as a great leader, noncommissioned officer, and motivator in his Military Police field.

2. Mr. xxxx is a remarkably intelligent and mature individual who possesses a unique ability to quickly grasp and apply new concepts. His capacity to retain information is commendable and he consistently demonstrates the practical application of his knowledge in his daily responsibilities. Even in high-pressure situations, Mr. Rodriguez consistently produces high-quality work, showcasing his reliability and capability to perform under stress.

3. During his tenure in the Alaska National Guard, his performance as an Acting Squad Leader for more than 80 days, set him apart from his entire peer group. He set the highest example possible as a Sergeant of the Guard, a security position of the greatest responsibility for an ICBM-Defense Complex in Fort Greely, AK, worth over 40 billion dollars.

4. Moreover, he sought additional duties as the primary Unit Public Affairs Representative (UPAR) for the Battalion, managing social media and photography. Also, he was part of the Color Guard where his performance was rewarded with multiple Army Achievement Medals. He has unlimited potential to further contribute to the Army and I recommend him with absolute confidence.

5. POC for this memorandum is SSG xxxxxxx and can be reached at (xx)xx-xxx77 or

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