Apologizing/Accepting Responsibility

Issuing an apology on behalf of an organization is a tricky thing. We do want to act with integrity but sometimes aren't in a position to speak for the whole organization.

Subject: FW: Recall Rosters


I regret to announce that the recall rosters that were sent out yesterday contain some critical errors and will have to be reaccomplished. Please delete or throw away any printed copies to avoid confusion. We will reissue updated rosters as soon as possible. Please address any questions to SSG Jones at 8-6789.

Very Respectfully,



Subject: SFC Smith's Decoration Package

1. SFC Smith's late decoration package was due to a lack of proper planning by my Personnel section. There is no excuse for the late evaluation.

2. I have taken measures to ensure that, in the future, NCO-ERs will be completed on or before the mandated completion date.

3. If you have any further concerns please contact me at 657-8910.

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I would like to apologize for the tone and overall negative sentiment of my previous email. There is no excuse for the way it was written and I feel terrible that you received such a disgraceful display of communication. I hope you can see past this and again my apologies.

On behalf of 1-258th FA BN & Golf Company 427th, tomorrow's Boxing event is canceled.

Please keep in mind that as the SGT Bhenke room continues to develop, we plan on promoting more events like this in the near future. We will try to push out a FRG event calendar on a monthly basis and if you have any suggestions on any upcoming events please feel free to contact me so I can send your suggestions forward to our FRG representative.

SGT Dominique, G

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