Army Achievement Medal Award Bullets

11B S-2

Thorough Analysis:
SGT MAC's briefings encompass comprehensive analyses of mission objectives, terrain features, enemy capabilities, and potential threats. His ability to synthesize complex information into actionable intelligence has been instrumental in guiding mission planning and execution.

Strategic Insight:
Beyond presenting raw data, SGT MAC provides valuable strategic insights and recommendations based on his astute understanding of operational dynamics. His contributions have facilitated informed decision-making by command elements, leading to more effective mission outcomes.

Interactive Engagement:
Sgt MAC actively engages with unit leadership and fellow troopers during briefings, fostering a collaborative environment conducive to critical thinking and problem-solving. His openness to feedback and willingness to explore alternative approaches contributed to the refinement of operational plans and tactics.

Key Achievements and Contributions:

Mission Success:
SGT MAC's meticulous briefing preparations have directly contributed to the successful execution of numerous high-stakes missions, including precision strike operations, deep reconnaissance missions, and special warfare engagements.

Enhanced Situational Awareness:
By providing timely and accurate intelligence updates, SGT MAC enhanced our unit's situational awareness, enabling proactive responses to evolving threats and opportunities on the battlefield.

Operational Efficiency:
SGT MAC's ability to distill complex information into concise, actionable briefings has streamlined decision-making processes and optimized resource allocation, resulting in enhanced operational efficiency and mission effectiveness.


SSG Lopez was selected over five other Staff Sergeants to be a Platoon Sergeant as his unit deployed overseas. Subsequent to his selection he excelled in fulfilling his responsibilities to his unit by being responsible for over $10 million of equipment without damage or loss during deployment in support of European Assure Deter and Reinforce in Poland.

12B Urban Search & Rescue

SPC Smith, during Urban Search & Rescue Class 004-22, served as a key rescuer and leader during crucial, graded evaluations. In particular, SPC Smith placed the well-being of soldiers on his rescue team before his own while acting in the capacity of a squad leader and site safety for our trench rescue mission. While donning full hazmat suit and protecting mask, SPC Smith ordered his team to fall back to the REHAB area when he noticed they were suffering from potential heat injuries. Knowing the mission must continue, he remained on site.

SPC Smith continued to engage the mission and keep all personnel safe while acting as the eyes and ears of the incident command center. Putting himself at great personal risk of injury, he did not relieve himself until the secondary personnel arrived with a site safety capable of maintaining the stronghold of the position. If not for his keen attention to detail and his integrity to place others before himself, real-world incidents would have occurred, and the success of the mission would have surely been compromised.

Information Management Office (IMO)

SPC Ser Guerrero's outstanding professional skill, knowledge, and leadership greatly provided 75+ AMPS access accounts for 5/374th FMSD which was a critical status for CTE and pre mob certifications.

SPC Guerrero spent over 7 hours including his free time updating the FMTP laptops to assist with disbursing Soldiers with CTE training. This preparation was instrumental in supporting this Detachment's mission. SPC Guerrero completed FMTP Operating System Image Overview and Finance Application Install.

SPC Guerrero conducted updates on FMTP laptops in his free time to ensure that the laptops were in perfect use for all 26 Soldiers to use during battle assembly. SPC Guerrero was a quick study and became a master at his craft.

Field Training Exercise (FTX)

During and in the lead up to the platoon FTX SGT Brown regularly provided invaluable insight, an insurmountable positive attitude, and an impeccable work ethic. In the preparation phases he was the first to volunteer to help with anything that needed to accomplished. His efforts directly enabled mission success, and, even when the mission was complete, he dedicated his time before and after duty hours to ensure proper recovery.


89B Ammo Detail

SPC Smith went above and beyond the call of duty throughout F/3-509th IN (ABN) 2021 Annual Training Event. She consistently placed the needs of the unit before her own by volunteering to take charge of the Individual Weapon Qualification (IWQ) Ammo Detail and to serve as a grader for the Army Combat Fitness Test. SPC Stokes demonstrated technical and tactical skills above her rank and performed duties outside her scope of responsibility, directly contributing to the readiness of F/3-509th IN (ABN).

Ammo Handler

SGT XXXX played the critical role of Ammunition Handler during three Battalion small arms ranges. She secured, transported, and distributed more than 14,000 rounds of ammunition while maintaining 100% accountability. Her tireless efforts contributed to more than 200 Soldiers qualifying on their assigned weapons system, enhancing the Battalions operational readiness. SGT XXXXX's innate leadership and passion for her Soldiers' well being made her a great asset to the Savage Platoon and the 9999 Ammo Company.

35F Security Manager

SPC Douglas contributed tremendously to the commendable rating of the USARAK Organizational Security Inspection completed on 15 April 2021. With the technical and tactical skills that SPC Douglas presented, he proved his capability to work above and beyond his rank and performed at the Non Commissioned Officer level. Without his help, the security management team would not have had the recent successes and streamlined capabilities it currently has.


SPC Stewart served as RTO for 1st PLT, Bravo Company of 15 months. During this time SPC Stewart performed exceptionally during one Company (LFX), one Brigade Field Training Exercise (FTX) and one National Training Center (NTC) Rotation 19-04. Due to his performance as an RTO, he was the subject matter expert (SME) for teaching and mentoring a new RTO.

12M Firefighter

SPC R is the Soldier with the highest level of motivation within the 736th Firefighting Team (FFTM). His motivation has created a positive environment and has boosted the overall morale of his unit during their Mission Rehearsal Exercise (MRX). While leading his team, they had the fastest response time for fire and emergency services.

SPC R has consistently shown that he is capable of performing duties and responsibilities above his assigned position and rank. On multiple occasions during MRX, he was the first to take the initiative in showing effective firefighting techniques to junior enlisted soldiers who are not as experienced in fire and emergency operations.

SPC R has demonstrated flexibility and resiliency while conducting fire and emergency operations. During MRX, without hesitation, he performed multiple tasks such as lead firefighter and conducted search and rescue operations. His adaptability demonstrates the ability to overcome adversity in austere environments.

SPC R went above and beyond the call of duty by being the first Soldier to volunteer for additional tasks, regardless of the size. His willingness to take on and complete tasks during MRX, enable the overall unit to conduct reset operations and leave the training grounds within a timely manner. His dedication and selfless service demonstrates his qualities as a model Soldier.

Master Driver

SGT XXXX was selected by the Company leadership to serve as the Senior Master Driver. She expertly prepared over 100 driver training packets, instructed Soldiers throughout the Battalion on military vehicle operation procedures, and performed numerous check rides during the day and night. SGT Levaula's commitment to safety and readiness enhanced the overall drivers training program within the Battalion, resulting in more than 200 Soldiers being licensed to operate military vehicles in the Republic of Korea.

Assistant Team Leader

SGT xxxx served as a Nuclear, Biological, Chemical, Reconnaissance Vehicle (NBCRV) Vehicle Commander while assigned to the 9999th CBRN Company. During her tenure, she participated in multiple Field Training Exercises (FTX) to include three Battalion Gunneries, two Battalion Exercise Evaluations, and a combined joint training with the Republic of Korea Army. She performed numerous additional duties to include Senior Master Driver and Ammunition Handler, which were critical for the Battalion to maintain a "Fight Tonight" posture.

Warehouse/ Logistics

CPL Lazo's leadership, diligence and commitment to his duties was recognized by the state commanding Sergeant Major and set the example for lower enlisted soldiers. In addition to assisting the team in unloading 65 shipping containers and building over 1,800 pallets of COVID 19 PPECPL, CPL Lazo consistently performed his demanding duties in an exemplary and highly professional manner. He stored a total of 65 million items worth more than $6.7 billion in a warehouse of approximately 330,000 square feet. He assisted IEMA representatives and adapted to multiple positions while performing his normal duties. His leadership was crucial in establishing an accurate inventory at assisted living and McCormick Place overflow.

Disaster Relief

For Hurricane Jeremy, MAJ Doe deployed in support of FEMA Region IV for approximately 3 weeks (specific dates preferred). His initial deployment was to the Region IV RRCC where he assisted by providing status updates on the availability of public safety answering points and concerns related to restoration of commercial power. After landfall, MAJ Doe deployed to the Florida EOC where he led efforts to conduct damage assessments of public safety facilities, to include fire stations, PSAPs, and other sites. Additionally, MAJ Doe helped coordinate the reentry of commercial telecommunications restoration teams and their support contractors, thereby helping facilitate the restoration of key telecom nodes needed to restart commerce in the affected areas and speed the return of displaced citizens. MAJ Doe worked in close cooperation with members of DoD, state and local government, and representatives from the following ESFs: 3, 12, 14, 15.

Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC)

Sergeant Snuffy was crucial in BN preparation for JRTC 2019. Her diligence and attention to detail was crucial in developing personnel estimates and directly contributed to the Battalion's 99.4% accuracy in forecasting event attendance - a figure that led the BDE.

During JRTC 2019 SGT Snuffy, despite being unqualified in the MOS she is serving in, helped lead a section at only 33% manning to tremendous success. Casualty packets were successfully processed for more than 500 notional casualties in an eleven day window.

Corpsman/ Medical


Field Training Exercise (FTX) Preparation

SPC Campbell demonstrated a pattern of outstanding performance during the preparation and relocating of 536th Support Maintenance Company in support of 524TH CSSB FTX to Dillingham Airfield. He skillfully repaired his section's ASM 189/190 Electronic Repair Shops brakes and inventoried and set up 4 Deployable Rapid Assembly Shelters (DRASH) for the entire company to allow 101 soldiers to have Air Conditioning, one of the most sought commodities in the Army, having done this during his personal time.

SPC Campbell's eagerness and unmatched devotion directly led to the success of the 524th CSSB FTX. With his knowledge, he effectively led 8 soldiers to establish C&E section's Area of Operation, by training them in proper and correct set up of 15KW Generator Set and ASM 189/190 Electronic Repair Shops despite the lack of man power and critical resources, and for long and laborious hours. Seemingly ubiquitous, this soldier skillfully assisted every section in the company to establish their respective areas.

Executive Officer (XO)

1LT Snuffy worked aggressively to recruit and resource the Mortar Platoon. His efforts directly contributed to transfer of two additional Soldiers into BN Mortars - critical vacancies identified by both the BN and BDE.

1LT Snuffy successfully led the Battalion Scouts through multiple capstone training exercises to include MIBT (2015) and XCTC (2018) with such aplomb that the performance of the section was specifically identified and commended by both the Brigade and Division Commanders.

As Company Executive Officer prepared HHC to receive the highest overall CLRT inspection rating in the state of Vermont (2017). 1LT Snuffy rewrote and refined Company Movement Plans, Food Service Records, maintenance and supply activities.

Medical Coverage for Range

Served as MEDEVAC NCOIC during multiple aerial gunnery and ground fire arms range medical coverage, setup the range medical station and provided support for aviation personnel.

Despite being given incorrect grid coordinates, SPC Snuffy overcame adversity during self-insertion into the medical area of the ranges. SPC Snuffy obtained directions and managed to arrive at her station prior to the opening of the ranges.

SPC Snuffy was solely responsible for setting up and ensuring the Battalion Aid Station was fully operational on main post of camp Guernsey, Wyoming. Her leadership ensured there were no lapses in medical coverage for the 1-108th Pre-Mobilization door gunnery phase of training.

Medical Support for Exercises

In support of BTH HND, MAJ Cuellar participated in numerous medical exercises, including two U.S. MEDRETES, two Host Nation medical Brigadas, and serving as medical liasion to a local Honduran clinic. She transitioned seemlessly to each mission despite planned leadership changes, difficult geographical locations, and challenging weather conditions. MAJ Cuellar's commitment to patient care and service to the Honduran population exemplifies the Army standard of dedication to mission success.

MAJ Cuellar was instrumental in BTH HND MEDRETE operational success. Her medical expertise coupled with Spanish capabilities served as a force multiplier by reducing the need for translator support and speeding patient care delivery. MAJ Cuellar facilitated MEDRETE and Host Nation objectives by working tirelessly and collaborating with her multinational peers.

Deployment Management

During the loadout phase of relocating the Battalion to Camp Guernsey, Wyoming, SFC Snuffy coordinated the shipment of vehicles and containers through civilian contractors. His proactive approach to his responsibilities ensured readiness and accurate accountability of all equipment being shipped.

SFC Snuffy ensured the Battalion had an adequate as well as sustainable meal plan and also found a way to provide extra contract lunches for Soldiers working alternate work schedules.

SFC Snuffy kept informed of deployment updates by attending all leadership meetings. In this way, he was able to keep his Soldiers updated on changes to the deployment schedule. This guaranteed his section was well ahead of schedule for future events.

S-1 Section Administration

In addition to maintaining daily operations, 1LT Snuffy worked long hours, processed 36 DA form 638s, and maintained PERSTAT updates to ensure the S-1 section remained ahead of schedule for the Camp Guernsey Pre-Mobilization phase. Her diligence was recognized with the award of 42 coins.

The S-1 section self-managed their fighter management with no violations of the unit S.O.P., showing her time management skills are among the best. LT Snuffy provided her Soldiers with adequate time to conduct physical fitness while keeping her section fully operational.

During demanding and overwhelming taskings, 1LT Snuffy kept a positive attitude. Her example provided her section with an even keel to base their own standpoints off of. The section never failed to provide accurate and timely service to other Battalion Soldiers.


His exemplary handling of administrative matters attests to his professional knowledge, willingness to accept responsibility, attention to detail, and the ability to adapt himself to any assignment or situation.

Operations Management

SGT Snuffy led the operations section by example. She provided the guidance, attitude and mentorship that can be depended upon to provide well rounded Soldiers. Her work ethic ensured her section would be operationally successful without any further leadership input.

SGT Snuffy's inventory of radio equipment, after arrival at the deployed location, identified several missing pieces. She purchased the missing fittings locally to restore comm capability and complete the radio setup before the start of the flight company's mission set.

While not authorized to abide by the fighter management policy, SGT Snuffy kept a good attitude and did not let her Soldiers see any change to her personality. She worked in excess of prescribed duty days and ensured her section was never without coverage.

S-6 Communications

The S-6 section worked tirelessly to ensure the communications portion of Camp Guernsey would be operational as soon as the rest of the Battalion arrived. They set up the internet system, ensured the S shop sections were operational, and assisted in setting up the field operations tents.

SSG Snuffy provided any Soldier that needed extra physical fitness training his time every morning before work, as well as whenever time permitted. He has raised his section's PT scores by 17% in the past two weeks.

SSG Snuffy provided the mentorship needed to ensure his section is well prepared for their next level of advancement. His timely disemmination of information to his Soldiers was directly responsible for their current operational effectiveness. Although a section leader, SSG Snuffy was a key factor in the success of the Battalion's mission.

Ammo & Fuel Support for Gunnery

The Echo Company section performed flawlessly during the 1-108th's door gunnery at Camp Guernsey, Wyoming. They ensured the ammo was accurately accounted for, delivered to the supported units, broken down as needed, and sorted and turned in upon completion.

The company fuel portion of operations was always available as needed for operations, and passed all safety inspections with a first time GO. His preparation and diligence ensured 17,876 gallons of fuel were pumped into ground vehicles and aircraft, 132,000 rounds of ammo were accounted for, with 72,800 being fired, and 59,200 being turned in.

SSG Snuffy helped his section overcome many obstacles and ensured his Soldiers were well cared for, received the required time off, and remained informed of upcoming mission requirements. He executed physical training with his soldiers on a daily basis to help them maintain eligibility for advancement.

Detachment Sergeant/ Supervision

SSG Name demonstrated exceptional initiative to the detachment by spending many hours, including his personal time, ensuring tasks were accomplished, training was conducted, and attending to soldiers' wellbeing.

SSG Name was responsible for all enlisted matters pertaining to the detachment while assuming the role of the Detachment Sergeant. He provided outstanding leadership to 19 enlisted soldiers assigned to the detachment.

SSG Name demonstrated dedication to duty by assuming this position after the detachment's team chiefs, commander, and detachment sergeant mobilized in support of USACIDC.

CBRN Specialist

PFC Snuffy inherited duties and responsibilities far above his rank and completed all required tasks with proficiency. His hard work and enthusiasm during CBRN operations ensured safety standards were met. His attention to detail as the CBRN specialist ensured Soldiers and trainers precise and timely maneuver abilities. SPC Snuffy conducted Mask Confidence Training in a CS chamber during Key Resolve 16, and multiple training events to guarantee the unit was trained and able to operate in a CBRNE environment.

CBRNE Response

Through SGT Dillard's professionalism and expertise he established a Standard Operation Procedure and load-out plan for CBRNE response involving UXO containing Chemical Warfare Agent. After establishing his SOP, SGT Dillard trained two of TOY Teams in CBRNE response operations and decontamination of personnel and equipment. His efforts resulted in both SSG Rivera and SGT Edmonds' teams placing first and second place in the battalion TOY Competition.

Chemical Equipment Repairer

SPC Garza served as a Quartermaster and Chemical Equipment Repairer for Maintenance Troop, Regimental Support Squadron, 3d CR She demonstrated a pattern of outstanding performance while conducting monthly scheduled services and unscheduled repairs on over 200 pieces of equipment to maintain the Squadron's 97% readiness rate. SPC Garza displayed a high level of competence, professionalism and discipline while performing all assigned tasks and additional responsibilities.


While serving as Alpha Company's NBC NCOIC, SPC Rivera diligently worked on 168 M40 pro masks, ensuring the serviceability of each prior to the COMET inspection. Her outstanding performance and dedication to duty was a major factor to the success of A CO 640th ASB passing the COMET inspection. She received 100% on the M40 pro mask portion of the COMET inspection.

Best Squad Competition

SPC ___'s uncanny technical and tactical proficiency in both Reconnaissance and Security tasks was the deciding factor for being selected to represent the First Cavalry Division in the 2017 Gainey Cup competition held at Fort Benning, GA. SPC ___ represented the Squadron with relentless dedication, relying on his personal experiences and extensive knowledge base for optimal employment of the weapon system which allowed him to effectively and safely negotiate the rigorous four day Best Scout Squad competition.

Vehicle Maintenance

SPC snuffy assisted in the scheduled and unscheduled maintenance of seven M3A3 Cavalry Fighting Vehicles, two M1064 Mortor Tracks and 15 M1151 Up Armored HMMWV's. His ability to learn quickly and cross train as a 91M Bradley Systems Maintainer from a 91B Wheeled Vehicle Maintainer allowed the Troop to maintain an Operational Readiness Rate of 97%.

Aviation Maintenance

Member of maintenance team assigned with completing 32 ASAM (Aviation Safety Action Message) maintenance actions on 3-10 GSAB UH-60 Helicopters. Completed the task ahead of schedule, in a more than adequate time frame, allowing the battalion to meet essential mission readiness in the ongoing Atlantic Resolve 10th CAB rotation.

Medical Education Program

MAJ Philbrick's extraordinary contributions to the Graduate Medical Education program positively and directly influenced the growth and development of the Internal Medicine Residency Program into a thriving academic institution that competes more aggressively than ever with other programs in the Medical Command. Her fierce commitment to the learning and development of Resident providers is unparalleled and directly influenced the continued accreditation of the program by the American College of Graduate Medical Education.

Squad Leader

SGT Cain took initiative to serve as a mentor to five newly promoted E5s within Distribution Platoon. He related numerous leadership lessons from his time as a team leader, helped his colleagues rehearse responses to potential leadership challenges, and shared his high level of motivation and sense of purpose as a non-commissioned officer.

SGT Cain fulfilled his role as acting squad leader with poise, professionalism, and determination during Annual Training TY16. He maintained accountability of his assigned Soldiers and equipment, displayed maturity when handling Soldier issues, and outstanding judgment in accomplishing the mission.

Medical Equipment Maintenance

He surveyed 4 hospitals and 1 military treatment facility, and identified 42 medical equipment units that need repair. Ordered repair parts, tools and test equipment needed for the mission. He performed critical equipment repair and calibration on 85 defective medical equipment units valued at over $1.5M. Rendered user maintenance training to 70 host nation personnel. In-briefed and out-briefed Department Heads, Hospital Director and Base Commanding Officer on the status of their equipment and the importance of preventive maintenance.

Bridge Crewmember

As a Bridge Crewmember assigned to Maintenance Platoon, PV2 Schonlau was stuck in an environment outside her comfort zone, yet remained undeterred in various situations always finishing the mission.

Foreign Object Debris NCO

SPC Parker's diligence, hard work and commitment to her unit while performing as the unit Foreign Object Debris NCO earned the unit a superior grade of 100% and zero deficiencies during a DA Level Inspection. Her resourcefulness and sound judgment combined with her ability to work without supervision, contributed greatly to the Company's success.

Advanced Leader Course/ Student Status

While attending the Advanced Leader Course, SSG B set himself apart from his peers. He maintained a 98.75% grade point average. He did so by implementing an aggressive study plan forcing him to use his spare time accordingly; while managing to volunteer 6 hours to the Miracle Mile Breast Cancer Walk. SSG B set the standard for all of his classmates to emulate. His hardwork, can do attitude, and commitment to excellence resulted in him being selected as his class Distinguished Honor Graduate.


SPC Perales continued to serve as an Armorer in E Troop. When assigned to Headquarters Platoon, he demonstrated a pattern of outstanding performance while conducting monthly scheduled services and unscheduled repairs on over 200 pieces of equipment to maintain the Troop 100% readiness rate. SPC Perales displayed a high level of competence, professionalism and discipline while performing all assigned tasks and additional responsibilities.


SGT Knapp's diligence, hard work and commitment to his unit while performing as the unit armorer earned the unit a superior grade of 100% and zero deficiencies during an unannounced arms room inspection from the PHYSICAL SECURITY IMBE-ESP-S.


SGT Parks provided leadership and direction for more than two weapons ranges during his time at the 62nd ESB. His competence with weapon systems enabled him to coach and mentor other Soldiers to qualify Basic Rifle Marksmanship, often with high marks such as sharpshooter. Anytime a range was scheduled, SGT Parks was prepared to assist as a NCOIC or a range safety; his steadfast and dedicated character made him a valuable member of Bravo Company and 62nd ESB.

Base Closure Assistance Team (BCAT)

SPC Bonawitz served as a "Guardian Angel" on a Base Closure Assistance Team (BCAT), dedicating himself to the personal care, protection and overall well-being of six assigned civilian personnel which was instrumental in the successful completion of BCAT mission. He provided overwatch and protection for civilian personnel tasked with base closure outside of initial area of operations. SPC Bonawitz volunteered to undertake mission that could possibly place his life in imminent danger.

Power Generation

SPC Boland's desire for knowledge and eagerness to succeed in his mission fostered a truly remarkable working environment. Through his cross training with the generator mechanics and his supervisor, he displayed an unmatched commitment to equipment readiness. SM worked long and laborious hours on his down time studying the 10 and 20 level manuals, and strived to learn and grow in his power generation role, ensuring that the 27th IBCT HRF power generation equipment was fully mission capable.

When COS Garry Owen experienced critical power outages, CPL Rosario was called upon because of his vast knowledge and experience with generator and electrical mechanics. He effectively led 2 other Soldiers to work tirelessly throughout the night to restore power to the Forward Surgical Team, the Battalion Aid Station, the MEDEVAC team, the Q36 Radar and the LCMR Radar. His eagerness and unmatched devotion to the military service and his job helped restore power to extremely vital units on COS Garry Owen.

Forward Arming and Refueling Point (FARP)

SPC Hill utilized tenacity and self-motivation to assist with 3rd Battalion's first M969A3 Forward Arming and Refueling Point (FARP). SPC Hill's resourcefulness and sound judgment combined with his ability to work without supervision, contributed greatly to the cross training of five FARP Team members on the M969A3. He simultaneously issued 1500 pounds of Jet A1 fuel and 18,000 rounds of A257 to two MH-47 helicopters. He encouraged his team to perform above the standards to ensure the success of the mission.

TMDE & Tool Crib

SPC Valez desire for knowledge and eagerness to succeed in his missions fostered a truly remarkable working environment. Through his cross training with the 92A Automated Logistics, he displayed an unmatched commitment to equipment readiness. SPC Valdez strived to learn and grow with his duties in the tool room as TMDE assistant. He worked countless hours on inventoring and processing TMDE and Tool Crib equipment ensuring that B Company 449th ASB equipment was fully mission capable.

M270A1 Driver

PFC Makowsky's attention to detail while performing his duties as a M270A1 Driver enabled his section to maintain their equipment at a high state of readiness. His launcher continually held a 98% operational readiness rate in both garrison and field exercises. PFC Makowsky's technical knowledge greatly assisted his Gunner and Section Chief in being able to safely fire 18 rockets at Rocket Valley. His personal desire to ensure that his launcher and section were ready for every mission was key component to the platoon's success.

Mail/ Postal Management

Throughout the deployment, SPC Harrison consistently performed her demanding duties in an exemplary and highly professional manner. As the detachment's mail handler, SPC Harrison constructed, implemented, and reorganized an effective detachment level mail storage facility, which significantly increased the unit's ability to maintain accountability and manage distribution of the Soldiers' personal mail and parcels. Contributing to the high level of morale in the unit, she ensured that all mail was delivered to personnel within 24 hours. SPC Harrison attended and won the detachment soldier of the month board with an outstanding performance. During facility tours, she briefed and assisted in escorting the ARCENT CSM Frennier and the Provost Marshal commander Col. Duckett.

Vehicle Management

During NTC Rotation 10-01, PV2 Snuffy was a major factor in D Troop's success during the vehicle draw process. PV2 Snuffy conducted Quality Assurance/Quality Control inspections on six wheeled vehicles and two M969 tankers. His attention to detail ensured all vehicles were fully mission capable, assuring that D Troop was able to perform all combat logistical patrols with zero mechanical break downs during full spectrum operations.


SPC snuffy successfully managed his team while being respnsible for the installation , operation and maintenance of one M1097 HMMWV, one PU-797 generator, eight RT1523 radios and various assorted communication devices valued in excess of $1.5 Million. During his tenure SPC snuffy supported over 100 subscribers per retrans mission with a 98% reliability communication quality rating for the 70th Brigade Support Battalion and the 210 Fires Brigade.

General, Non-Specific Individual Performance

During his tenure in the 226th Signal Company, SGT Soldier distinguished himself by exceptional meritorious service, demonstrating to all that he is a professional Soldier, dedicated to excellence in his field of expertise. He not only executed his assigned tasks in a timely manner, he anticipated taskings that may get assigned to him and took the initiative to complete tasks beforehand. His untiring efforts and Can Do attitude testify to his achievements and accolades as an outstanding Soldier of the U.S. Army.

SGT Soldier displayed tactical and technical competence, well beyond his pay grade and served with great distinction while assigned to Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, 498th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion. He demonstrated exceptional MOS knowledge by flawlessly managing and maintaining 100% accountability of $252,027 worth of company equipment. This responsibility bestowed on him was instrumental to the unit readiness for the company of 89 soldiers and their spouses.

SGT Soldier's devotion to duty and selfless service was inspiring. He worked outside of his MOS on numerous occasions cross-training as 92A (Automated Logistics Specialist). His dedication to the safety of those around him resulted in anyone around him adhering to and complying with the correct operational procedures and maintaining constant situational awareness during Home Station AT.

Soldier's desire for knowledge and eagerness to succeed in his missions fostered a truly remarkable working environment. Through his cross training with the 91B's Mechanical Maintenance Shop he displayed an unmatched commitment to equipment readiness. Although the work was tough and the missions long, he strived to learn and grow in his automotive repair knowledge. He worked long and laborious hours on 5 ton vehicles and below ensuring that the 6th Engineer Battalion vehicles were fully mission capable.

Engineering/ Survey Crew

As the Field Crew Chief, SGT Leslie devoted countless hours to training and supervising the survey crew of 172nd Detachment from Fort Knox, KY. Under his supervision, the field team of 172nd Detachment completed the SABER Heliport survey mission in 12 days and attained certification from the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency.

Geospatial Intelligence

SPC May operated above and beyond in a high operational tempo environment by working 12 to 18 hour days and at times all night to ensure every ground unit's mission was fully supported by geospatial intelligence data. Due to lack of Geospatial manning, SPC May stepped up and was always dedicated to doing whatever was necessary for mission accomplishment and to ensure customer satisfaction from all coalition forces within Combined Team Zabul (CTZ) battlespace.


While assigned to the Mortar Platoon, Headquarters Company, 2nd Battalion, 28th Infantry Regiment, SPC Tilghman served as a gunner. His unrelenting motivation and determination for exellence were instrumental to the unit's success by conducting over 5 mortar ranges. Additionally, he deployed with the unit to the Joint Multinational Training Command rotation 11-12 where he conducted COP defence, laying the guns by using aiming circle and light mortarman training in preparation for deployment to Afghanistan.

Training NCO

SGT Snuffy was appointed as the Training NCO during the Reintegration and Reset phase after deployment for his outstanding potential. He scheduled, resourced and tracked weekly unit level training for the company through leadership changes to include the Company Commander and First Sergeant. His attention to detail and dedication allowed for a smooth transition and training to continue for the Soldiers in the unit. SGT Lucas also assisted in facilitating weekly training meetings ensuring that the Commander's intent was fulfilled.

Ammunition Supply Point

SPC Jones ran the ammunition supply point for the battalion M2 range and was second to none while performing his duties, including ammunition pick up, operations, safety, and organization. SPC Jones consistently takes charge and motivates team members without prompting. SPC Jones repeatedly scored above 290 on his Army Physical Fitness Test. SPC Jones maintained the M998 HMMWV so well that the vehicle received Best M998 of the Quarter Award. SPC Jones consistently appeared at the board and excelled over his peers. SPC Jones selflessly dedicated his time to attending training and becoming the unit Equal Opportunity Representative. SPC Jones qualified expert on the M4 and the M240B, setting an excellent example for his fellow Soldiers. He also qualified Sharpshooter on the M2 .50 caliber machine gun and the M249 squad automatic weapon.

Flight Operations Specialist

SPC Clouse assisted in maintaining 150 Individual Flight Record Folders comprised of 120 rated aviators and 30 non-rated crewmembers while performing duties as Flight Operations Specialist at Fort Polk, LA. He ensured all records were in accordance with FM 3-04.300, while accurately tracking over 14,000 flight hours. SPC Clouse's attention to detail assisted his section in receiving a 99% on a DA Level Inspection.

Team Leader

PFC JOE displayed a high level of competence and professionalism while serving as a team leader for 2nd squad at National Training Center. As a team leader, he was responsible for the welfare, accountability, and mission readiness of three Soldiers and the serviceability of his vehicle and weapons, and all assigned equipment valued at over 10 thousand dollars.

Mission Readiness Exercise

SPC Rice's hardwork and dedication to one Mission Readiness Exercise rotation to the Joint Muti-National Training Center Hohenfels was a success for the Regimental Support Squadron and 2d SCR. He played a vital role for Regimental Support Squadron by supporting over 2,500 2d Stryker Cavalry Troopers and over 1,000 Nato Forces Soldiers during Hohenfels rotation in support of pre-deployment to OEF 10-11.

Personal Security Detachment (PSD)

In support of Operation Enduring Freedom XII, SFC Slick Warner, Alpha Battery/ TF Wow, served in Kabul and Placeville Province, Afghanistan from DAY MONTH YEAR until DAY Month YEAR as a Personal Security Detachment (PSD) member and as a Base Defense Operations Center (BDOC) RTO. As a PSD member from to XXXX and TF Wow RTO from June XXXX to present, SFC Warner's skills and competence played a vital role in TF Wow's mission success. His tact, work ethic, and positive attitude were particularly noteworthy. His attention to detail, enthusiasm, and indomitable spirit proved vital to BDOC operations, integrated defense, TF Wow's mission within Placeville Province, and support for various RC-East units during OEF XII.

SFC Warner's exceptional service as a PSD member resulted in 20 security patrols for 10 VIPs without incident. His efforts within the PSD ensured ISAF leaders across Afghanistan remained well protected. SFC Warner transitioned seamlessly from the PSD to the BDOC. SFC Warner's service as an RTO resulted in accountability of over 200 patrols throughout Placeville, Province. He also assisted BDOC battle drill execution for five IDF attacks. SFC Warner spent over 3,000 hours in the BDOC, leading to his ability to successfully integrate leaders' guidance and procedures within the BDOC. SFC Warner monitored radio traffic, a blue force tracker, and tracked over 200 mounted combat patrols throughout Placeville Province, Afghanistan. SFC Warner primarily communicated with TF Wow's maneuver units including a Military Police Company, an Infantry Company, a Headquarters Support Company, and an Air Force Quick Reaction Team.

Base Defense Operations Center (BDOC)

SFC Warner was instrumental in the BDOC's day to day operational success. His planning skills allowed him to refine and implement over twenty BDOC Battle Drills, resulting in increased efficiency during critical moments. He expedited asset allocation to units conducting combat operations. His communication with 10 combat enablers including ISR assets, JTACs, fixed wing assets, rotary wing assets, fire supporters, and explosive ordnance personnel ensured our maneuver units had joint firepower to support their operations. His experience was also shared with Air Force personnel within the BDOC, creating an enhanced awareness of operations and allowing the 4th Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron (ESFS) and TF Wow to command and control integrated defense efforts.

SFC Warner contributed greatly to his section's overall performance within the BDOC. His duty performance was superb while assigned to the PSD and the BDOC, coordinating numerous combat patrols and three major combat operations. Instrumental in facilitating the Task Force s communications with various units and organizations, SFC Warner's efforts led to the success of 4th ESFS and TF Wow's combat operations.

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