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311th Base Support Battalion

For outstanding achievement as a Petroleum Specialist, 311th Base Support Battalion, while deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. On arrival, SPC Jones immediately recognized the need and established the first hazardous waste collection point in Ahn Bar Province bringing order and better working conditions to a chaotic environment. His actions streamlined operations and brought the battalion into OSHA compliance for the first time since the incursion. In addition to his regular duties, SPC Jones aided the Vehicle Maintenance shop in the repair and service of over 220 critical vehicles. His valiant efforts produced the lowest vehicle breakdown rate in three years and was critical to the safety of military personnel and mission success. The accomplishments of SPC Jones bring great credit upon himself, the 311th BSB and the United States Army.

PERIOD: 25 MAR 2007 TO 24 APR 2008

Note that certificate citations for the Army Achievement Medal are limited to six lines.

The citation for the AAM is typed directly into the DA Form 638. Later, the Commander's staff will transfer the text to DA Form 4980-18 Army Achievement Medal Certificate.

Army policy does not restrict the use of abbreviations and acronyms in award citations. However, due to the inherent historical value of the award certificate and the acts or service it represents, it is imperative that it be prepared with care so that its appearance is professional and dignified. It is also recommended that only the most commonly known abbreviations and acronyms be used in the citation. The abbreviation/acronym should be spelled out the first time and followed by the abbreviation/acronym in parenthesis. Certificates should include a brief descriptive narrative and should not be so brief as to distract from its meaning, and should be prepared on a letter quality printer or equivalent.

From a reader who works in HRC's Awards and Decorations Branch (AHRC-PDP-A): "One thing I've noticed is, when someone is naming numerous accomplishments in a sentence, do not use a comma before and. We remove all those commas as the Secretary of the Army directs."

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