Unit Armorer Award Examples

SGT Jones was selected over 88 other Soldiers to be the company armorer. His work ethic, personal responsibility, and perfect accountability ensured this duty has been carried out without question or disappointment for the last 13 months.

Assigned as the 206th Transportation Company armorer, SGT Jones worked tirelessly in his preparation for the DES physical security inspection during which zero deficiencies were found throughout the arms room inspection. Due to his outstanding performance and personal initiative prior to inspection, the 206th Transportation Company set the standard for the rest of the Brigade.

SGT Jones was selected by the Brigade S2 OIC to assist and train C Company, BTB, and 4th Sustainment Brigade in preparation for their upcoming arms room inspection by DES. His personal accountability and unwavering reliability is a testament to his peers and superiors alike.

Sergeant Septor's outstanding professionalism and tireless efforts as the Task Force Armorer aided immeasurably in standing up the NIE Transient Arms Room. His proactive approach to problem solving prevented significant security issues that typically occur. His efforts allowed the mission to continue smoothly, providing the support required for each battalion in the Task Force to execute their missions.

While assigned as armorer, Sergeant Septor conducted daily sensitive item and ammunition inventories and created a key control system that organized the keys for billets, the FST facility and vehicles, and reduced delays by 1,000%.

SPC Encinias was directly responsible for the issue of 37 x M4 Rifles, 11 x M107 Sniper Rifles and weapons equipment. On completion of the range, he ensured the company had 100% accountability and control of all sensitive items issued. SPC Encinias' dedication to his duties had a positive impact on the success of the unit's training and arms room accountability.

As the Unit Armorer, SPC Encinias was responsible for the Arms Room scoring a one hundred percent on the 68th Medical Brigade AAME inspection. SPC Encinias' hard work and dedication was directly responsible for the unit being chosen to represent the Brigade in 8th Army AAME inspection.

SPC Yee's ready knowledge of military regulations and policies made him a valuable asset to the unit armor program especially in the absence of leadership. His tireless improvement efforts and attention to detail was evident throughout the unit while he served as the only armorer for three companies. SPC Yee is accountable for all weapon systems and TO&E equipment.

SPC Yee's outstanding performance and dedication to duty was a major factor in the success of the unit's postal operations. In addition to his duties as armorer, he performed postal duties for over 500 Soldiers. SPC Yee's can-do attitude set the example throughout the unit.

SPC Yee's technical and tactical knowledge of human resources operations was instrumental in the overall success of the unit mission. He supported and participated in numerous field training exercises and range operations, taking responsibility at every opportunity. SPC Yee set the example for his peers to emulate and is what leaders look for in a Soldier.

Staff Sergeant Koudou, United States Army, distinguished herself by exceptionally meritorious service as the Serialization Officer for Defense Logistics Agency's 100 percent Wall-to-Wall Weapons Inventory from September 2017 to March 2018. Staff Sergeant Koudou provided the highest level of support as the Serialization Officer for DLA's largest-hands on inventory in history.

Staff Sergeant Koudou's hard work, skill, and attention to detail were vital to the inventory of over 1,600 small arms, small arms parts and Foreign Military Sales. She performed extensive research and identified and cataloged over 10,000 weapon discrepancies. Staff Sergeant Koudou single handedly segregated, identified, tagged, and staged over 100 battle damaged weapons for demilitarization and initiated communication with the TACOM item manager to ensure appropriate condition codes were applied to condemned weapons. Her actions led to the successful retrograde of all battle damaged weapons and saved the Army over $90,000 in storage costs.

Staff Sergeant Koudou exploited a variety of systems such as the Distribution Standard System (DSS), Query Management File (QMF), Army Serial Number Tracker (ARSNT), and the Unit Item Tracker (UIT) to research, identify and track the movement of serial numbers. Staff Sergeant Koudou routinely coordinated with the Logistics Support Activity (LOGSA) to request serial number corrections ensuring that DLA and the Central Registry were synchronized and increasing accuracy by 15 percent.

Staff Sergeant Koudou displayed unsurpassed initiative, professionalism, courage, and commitment to mission excellence that is in keeping with the highest traditions of military service. Her untiring efforts and dedication in support of the wall to wall inventory mission, her exemplary performance and ability to adapt to evolving assignments were vital to this organization's success. The distinctive accomplishments of Staff Sergeant Koudou reflect great credit upon herself, the United States Army and the Department of Defense.

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