Command Post (CP) Award Examples

Exceptional service during the Combined Command Post Training Security Screening. Sergeant Young maintained situational awareness and acted in a professional manner among Field Grade Officers and General Officers from all branches of the United States Military and played a crucial role in maintaining accountability during the event. His actions are in keeping with the finest traditions of military service and reflect great credit upon himself, the Sky Bridge Battalion, the Raider Brigade, and the United States Army.

Sergeant First Class Jiminez served as Operations Sergeant Forward (Kuwait) and Assault Command Post NCOIC. While deployed he was in charge of a 30-man team (road to war/humanitarian assistance), directly responsible for the planning and execution of over 40 training events specific to ACP, and sustained CCP A and B's follow-on equipment. Additionally, he participated and prepared training for Lucky Warrior 11-2, Lucky Valiant, and Internal Look 2012, leading to the overall enhancement and validation of three CCP exercises. As COIC NCOIC, Sergeant First Class Jiminez supervised Theater-Specific Individual Readiness Training (T-SIRT), managed JSA-Georgia tasks, and OCP operations.

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