Guard and Building Security Awards

See also: Entry Control Point and Security Escort

SPC Soldier did a great job of implementing a robust guard-pulling protocol for high-security buildings. He significantly enhanced protection measures, deterring potential threats and ensuring safety.

SPC Soldier maintained continuous vigilance and remained alert despite pulling guard during grueling 12- to 24-hour shifts, under austere conditions, ensuring unwavering security and order.

SPC Soldier demonstrated exceptional stamina, quick decision-making, and adaptability to dynamic situations, earning commendation for maintaining peak performance under prolonged pressure, safeguarding critical assets, and fostering a resilient team spirit.

During this period, Sergeant Butterworth was selected to deploy as Force Protection Escort to Ali Al Salem AB, Kuwait in support of OPERATIONS IRAQI FREEDOM and NEW DAWN. In this important assignment, Sergeant Butterworth verified 100 percent of entry authorizations for third country nationals, manned armed entry control points, and provided security for 3.2 billion dollars in military assets. Additionally, while assigned to the Entry Control Point, his meticulous attention to detail was a key factor in the flawless management of over 32,000 visitors a month and the highest security in over five years. His unparalleled dedication provided the foundation for a unit readiness rate of 96 percent and contributed to his unit garnering the 2016 Major General Eugene L. Eubanks award for best small unit category.

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