Maintenance NCOIC Awards

As TF LOG Maintenance NCOIC, he brilliantly executed motor pool operations for multiple units successfully completing 548 Job Orders on all Fall Classic Equipment. He supervised recovery missions and successfully recovered 275 vehicles. In addition, he dispatched contact teams to repair multiple vehicles in support of 50th Area Support Group, saving over $500,000 in depot repair costs. Finally, he spent countless hours every day contributing to the effectiveness and success of the Ft. Carson Command Maintenance Management Assistance (CMMA) Team.

As the Shop Non Commissioned Officer In Charge, he made a direct impact in providing Non-Tactical Vehicle Maintenance and precision diagnostic repairs which directly resulted in 98% equipment availability and a 100% monthly maintenance completion rate. With his orderly approach, he set the example for junior mechanics on how to handle stressful situations and complex electrical diagnostic problems with professionalism and developed their ability to adapt to unexpected situations and make necessary adjustments and fabrications with limited tools or adequate facilities in the field. As the subject matter expert, he trained 11 junior mechanics to work more efficiently and increased productivity by 50%, allowing the command to take on additional critical missions to support CJSOC.

While deployed to Taszar, Hungary as Battalion Maintenance NCOIC in support of Operation Joint Endeavor, Operation Joint Guard, and Operation Joint Forge. SFC Hastings' commitment to excellence and dedication to duty resulted in mission success during split-based operations and re-deployment. SFC Hastings in an example of a professional American soldier.

SSG Robert Palmer distinguished himself as a superior maintenance NCOIC while serving as the 1022nd Motor Sergeant during his combat deployment to Al Asad Airbase (AAAB), Iraq in support of Operation Inherent Resolve (OIR). He managed and coordinated an ever-rotating maintenance team of 17 mechanics, two fuelers and one clerk. His leadership proved to be a brigade level asset through multi-level coordination, while continuously ensuring a safe environment for all Soldiers, as proven by the completion of over 10,000 work hours with zero reportable incidents.

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