Mobile Observation Team Awards

SPC Nalini participated in over 100 missions on the road, totaling over 8,000 miles, to provide intelligence for Battalion Headquarters.

Specialist Nalini's superior knowledge of the Mobile Observation Team functions aided immeasurably in identifying areas for improvement. He researched, developed and implemented the use of Power Point and Google Earth to improve reporting methods and the team's security.

During the last two rotations on the Mobile Observation Team, Specialist Nalini demonstrated professionalism by stepping into the role of leadership and ensuring the readiness of the team by maintaining all issued equipment, including radios, MTS, DAGAR and Weapons.

Specialist Nalini contributed to the effectiveness and success of the Mobile Observation Team by ensuring our Team had zero accidents during our missions.

Outstanding achievement while serving as Mobile Observation Team member from XXXXXXXX to XXXXXXX. During this period, Specialist Sylvestor Nalini contributed to the success of over 100 missions, covering over 8,000 miles of disputed and hostile territory to provide critical intelligence for Battalion Headquarters. Specialist Nalini's actions enhanced the safety of over 2,000 coalition Soldiers, increased situational awareness and knowledge of the local terrain, and reduced incidents of improvised explosive devices by 80 percent in just 90 days. Specialist Nalini's sacrifice, dedication, and devotion to duty is in keeping with the finest traditions of military service and reflects great credit upon himself, 5th Battalion, 113th Field Artillery Regiment and the United States Army.

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