MOS 15W Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Operator

15W UAS Operator

Private First Class (PFC) Stephen Carey served as an UAS Shadow team member during the platoon VALEX 06-22. PFC Carey successfully launched and landed multiple Shadow UAS flights. PFC Carey showed a major increase in his Shadow knowledge throughout multiple progression flights. PFC Carey effectively maintained the cleanliness of the operational area and worked long hours daily to ensure his tasks were done to standard. PFC Carey's actions reflect highly on himself and the RUAS Platoon.

15W UAS Operator

SGT Doe, J. assisted the XXXTH Brigade Engineer Battalion (BEB), XXTH Armored Brigade Combat Team, 3RD Infantry Division at Camp Buehring, Kuwait as an Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Operator, (15W). SGT Doe trained 9 UAS Operators in the performance of 15W duties to include air reconnaissance, surveillance, targeting and acquisition missions. He also planned and analyzed flight missions. SGT Doe's efforts assisted in attaining safety of flight. SGT Doe incurred zero flight incidents during his time in the XXXTH BEB.

SGT snuffy quickly earned her Readiness Level 1 status, months ahead of her peers. SGT snuffy flew 450 hours as an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Operator which greatly contributed to the unit's ability to support 4-25 Brigade's Arctic mission.

Despite being the most junior SGT in his company, SGT B. was selected from his brigade to attend Ft. Benning's Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Version 2 Master Raven Trainer Course making him the Brigade's 2nd UAV Master Trainer and 3BSTB's 1st Battalion Master Raven Trainer capable of training all SUAV operators in any/all real world scenarios.

Private First Class Hess' outstanding professional skill, MQ-1C system knowledge and determination aided immeasurably in allowing fellow soldiers to advance to RL1 and have over 90 missions used in pre-deployment exercises which in return was essential to the unit's overall deployment readiness.

SPC Kelly went above and beyond the call of duty. Due to a need in the 42nd Combat Aviation Brigade for an Airfield Management Element and a shortage of personnel at the unit, SPC Kelly took on the additional responsibility outside his unit and MOS. Without hesitation SPC Kelly began to fill roles needed to maintain the Udairi Army Airfield. His outstanding professional skill, knowledge, and leadership aided immeasurably in identifying over 25 milvan containers for disposal in a two month period, learning both a new logistics system and making contacts outside the 42nd CAB to refurbish them. SPC Kelly worked tirelessly to ensure all inventories were completed and units rotating in had the tools and supplies they needed to accomplish the mission.

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