AH-64 Armament/ Electrical/ Avionics Repairman

MOS 15Y Armament/Avionics Systems Repairer

As a 15Y Armament, Avionics Systems Repairer, SGT XYZ was a major factor in the upgrading of the manned/unmanned team (MUMT) system for the fleet in a timely manner. His knowledge and troubleshooting skills ensured that not only minimum downtime was accrued, keeping the Squadron's Operational Rate at or above 85%, but that resources were not squandered. His repairing of the ground electrical power units (Christies) allowed for more maintenance tasks to be accomplished at once.

SGT XYZ has been a part of multiple successful squadron exercises to include; 2 CALFAX's, loaded over 12000 rounds at 6 Gunneries resulting in 143 qualified aircrews, 3 JRTC and 1 NTC rotation, where he served as member of the STRAT air team. Ensuring that the aircraft arrived safely and were built up quickly to continue the mission. He has completed over 1100 aircraft maintenance hours and helped cross train multiple people on armament FARP operations, all without any safety issues during his time at XYZ

SPC XYZ demonstrated exceptional initiative, diligence and commitment as he mobilized a Down Aircraft Recovery Team (DART) with very little notice when aircraft 0805XXX performed a precautionary landing on XX XXXXX 201X at approximately 1940. SPC XYZ arrived at the DART site and with in two hours had a preliminary diagnostic to get the aircraft back to hangar. SPC XYZ showed determination and hard work when his mission was suddenly changed. His actions are the embodiment of what it means to "Fight Tonight".

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