MOS 19Z, Armor Senior Sergeant Award Examples

Task Force Boomer

SFC Holmes directly enhanced 5th Armored Brigade's readiness by developing and maintaining a tracker that kept the Battalion Commander up to date on both the COVID 19 and Flu vaccine status as well as bi-weekly COVID testing requirements of the Task Force. The report was also used to update the Brigade Medical Officer for the purpose of reporting to 1st Armored Division.

SFC Holmes completed the first Army Academy Mobile Training Team, Observer Coach/Trainer course, and became a level 2 OC/T. He also completed Talk Like a Leader training while still accomplishing his S2/S3 duties.

SFC Holmes operated without an S2 officer and performed the duties of the S2 primary during briefings and during the Military Decision Making Process. He processed over 35 security clearance applications for the Battalion and coordinated with the Brigade S2 to ensure the Soldiers' security clearances were properly completed.

SFC Holmes used his personal time to mentor and train fellow Soldiers that were unable to achieve Army Physical Fitness Standards and set the example for his subordinates and peers. SFC Holmes's level of fitness influenced Soldiers throughout his Chain of Command.

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