Network Communication Systems Specialist

MOS 25H was established in October 2022 and consists of former occupational specialties 25L, 25N, and 25Q.


SGT Flores demonstrated tremendous knowledge and expertise in his field by training 10 newly integrated Soldiers in hot melts, fan out kits, fusion splicing, OTDR, mechanical splicing, and conduit construction, resulting in a 100% pass rate on the ARCENT Signal University certification exam, and empowering the Soldiers to have the tools to competently complete future missions in the OSP.

SGT Flores served as an Outside Plant Team Chief for 580th Signal Company. He supervised the installation and maintenance of fiber optic for over 30,000 customers residing on Bagram Airfield. He clearly demonstrated his ability to produce more results with fewer personnel on a daily basis. SGT Flores`s communication expertise directly supported the Combined Joint Task Force 101 and the International Security Assistance Forces enabling them to communicate with subordinate units throughout the theater.

SGT Flores demonstrated an impressive level of competence and technical proficiency in all areas of network telecommunications. His reliability resulted in recognition from Joint Logistic Command for completing a Battle Tracking Building which consisted of 120 SIPR lines, 120 NIPR lines, and the installation of fiber to support the Supply Tracking System which expanded the Battalion Regional Network Operations and the Supply Security Centers throughout Afghanistan.

Joint Nodal Network NCO

During the BDE STAFFEX, SGT Hall's aid in setting up the digital Tactical Operations Command (TOC) was indispensable. His expertise in configuring the BDE server systems was invaluable to the success of the mission. SGT Hall performed many tasks that were on the level of a chief warrant officer, which the BDE S6 is currently lacking.

SGT Hall demonstrated exceptional ability during Annual Training as the Joint Nodal Network NCO. Because of his preparation and cross-training with the S6 section, the Joint Network Node (JNN) maintained a 99% network connectivity.

SGT Hall worked side by side with the civilian network engineers and understood many of the complicated problems associated with server configurations and Joint Network Node integration. His expertise in the field of automation is far above that expected of a new E-5. He also worked tirelessly throughout the exercise to make sure there was no interruption in comm.

SGT Hall continually provided the highest level of service by constantly studying and increasing his technical proficiency and continuously updating the unit SOP to ensure reliable comms.

Tropo Team Member

During Tropo Mission in Qatar, SPC McEntee continuously volunteered to work during his down time to ensure the Tropo was fully mission capable. SPC McEntee continuously took the initiative to ensure his battle buddies were knowledgeable about the equipment and physically fit. He was always fully missioned capable with little to no guidance. SPC McEntee contributed to the mission's success. SPC McEntee still found the time to also score over 300 on his PT test while still performing all of his duties as Tropo operator. SPC McEntee never complained about missions assigned to him, and always completed every task to the best of his ability.

CPN Team Chief

His extensive knowledge played a vital role in the successful and reliable FDMA and TDMA uplink connectivity providing SIPRNET/NIPRNET access for over 20 deployed users in the brigade with 98% percent network connectivity.

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