MOS 68D Operating Room Specialist Examples

Operating Room Sergeant

Meritorious service while serving as Operating Room Seargent in support of Special Operations Task Force - East Africa. During this period, Specialist Vejar directed the organization and establishment of the operating room, instrumentation, and sterile supplies sections, as well as assisting the ICU and Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) sections. She consistently managed and stocked over 170,000 dollars in medical class VIII for the Forward Resuscitative Surgical Team (FRST), and continuously organized and restocked all pharmaceuticals. During a period of split operations, Specialist Vejar stepped up as the NCOIC for the FRST and ensured the continuity of care for Army, Navy, and Air Force Soldiers and partner forces. While acting as NCOIC she maintained operational readiness of the team by continuing trainings and stepping up to cover roles of others in their absence. Specialist Vejar's tireless work attitude and consistent initiative and volunteerism reflects great credit upon herself, Special Operations Task Force East Africa and the United States Army.

Operating Room Specialist

Meritorious service while serving as Operating Room Specialist, 959th Operations Squadron, 959th Operations Group, Joint Base San Antonio Military Medical Center from XXXXXXXX to XXXXXXXX. During this period, Master Sergeant Newsome directed the 1.5 million dollar cardiothoracic service in the Operating Room, oversaw 66 surgeries, and managed 500,000 dollars in medical equipment. Sergeant Newsome led the orthopedic service team in the busiest Role three operating room, circulating 190 surgeries, 344 procedures, and 22 traumas, contributing to the hospital's 98 percent survival of patients to include 13 Purple Hearts. In addition, as the unit infection control officer, he surveyed 160 personnel, trained 70 staff on infection control protocols and exceeded national patient safety goals by ten percent. Further, Sergeant Newsome's efforts corrected 11 non-compliant inspection items that resulted in zero deficiencies and earned the Wing an excellent rating on the Health Services Inspection. Finally, while deployed in support of CLASSIFIED mission, he led a 10-member team that directly supported 88 aeromedical evacuation missions and transferred 156 patients to a higher level of care. The distinctive accomplishments of Master Sergeant Newsome reflect great credit upon himself, the 959th Operations Group and the United States Army.

Operating Room Specialist

SPC King worked in the Heidelberg MEDDAC Operating Room and provided first class support in over two hundred cases. As the most qualified and senior technican, after establishing a thorough training plan and training five replacements, he was transferred to the Admissions section, where he in and out- processed over two thousand Soldiers. In addition to streamlining admittance procedures, he also improved the accuracy and maintenance of all medical records.

Operating Room Sergeant

Developed surgical procedure sets based on mission sets and capabilities and preferences of each surgeon, sterilized and maintained all surgical instruments for the Operating Room, Advanced Trauma Life Support section, as well as Anesthesia and Intensive Care Unit sections. Facilitated a rapid reset process after demanding cases.

Operating Room NCOIC

SGT Pedersen performed FST daily duties during the absence of the Detachment NCOIC ensuring a seamless transition with day-to-day responsibilities. He trained six ASG personnel, nine FST personnel and four Air Force personnel in proper aseptic techniques. SGT Pedersen's thorough inventory identified over $500,000 in redundant equipment which was returned to the Supply system.

Operating Room NCO

SSG Moebius researched and compared multiple Class VIII supply kits with an end-state objective of increasing patient flow by decreasing bed turn-over rates. This initiative streamlined the bed turnover process which in turn reduced the Operating Room downtime between cases. SSG Moebius' insight and planning not only decreased bed turnover time by up to 30 mintues per room but improved efficiency and saved over $20,000 a year.

Operating Room NCO

Established rotations for medics through trauma and concussion center at Leatherneck.

Established and managed the Darnall Medical Center Motorcycle Mentorship Program which served as the template for the Warrior Transition Unit's program.

Played key role in the conceptualization and execution of the Army Physical Fitness Test for more than 200 Soldiers monthly, semi-annually and annually.

Helped organize the Women's History Luncheon for Fort Sill that was attended by over 300 Soldiers and Civilians.

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