MOS 68J Medical Logistics Specialist Awards

Central Materiel Service NCOIC

In addition to performing his duties as the Noncommissioned Officer in Charge (NCOIC) of Evans Army Community Hospital (EACH) Central Materiel Services (CMS), Sergeant Sullivan was responsible for the direct supervision of six Denver Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Center Sterile Processing and Distribution (SPD) technicians and five transportation couriers from XXXX XXXX through XXXX XXXX.

Sergeant Sullivan's expertise, foresight, and actions played a consequential role in facilitating and enforcing the standards and recommended practices for the safe handling and transportation of over 1,000 contaminated surgical instrument sets from Denver VA Medical Center to Evans ACH.

Sergeant Sullivan's direct supervision resulted in the successful decontamination of approximately 1,000 surgical instrument sets and the preparation, packaging and sterilization of over 550 surgical instrumentation sets.

Logistics Specialist

SGT Givens supported the delivery of quality medical care resulting in increased medical readiness for over 1,600 2nd SBCT soldiers. SGT Givens' oversight of logistics, set-up, and tear down of 2nd SBCT medical equipment and facility resulted in successful rotations of National Training Center and Yakima Training Center. SGT Givens completed 100% inventory and is hand-receipt holder for all field supplies, totaling $88,000.

Medical Logistics Specialist

SSG B__, as ranking NCO, gave direction, motivation, and excellent logistical support for the coordination of care in the FOB and TMC to ensure superior Health Care Readiness during the Mission.

SSG B__ applied emergency medical aid to three injured Soldiers after a failed assault on the 51st Medical Logistics Warehouse. His quick thinking resulted in the triage of all three Soldiers and effective treatment before evacuation to higher level care.

SSG B__'s outstanding performance and dedication to duty was a major factor in the success of the HHC, ASG- KU (TMC) flu shot exercises. His professionalism and high standard of patient care contributed to nearly 4,000 personnel being vaccinated.

Medical Supply Office NCOIC

SFC Reeb demonstrated maturity, knowledge and leadership as the 307TH Brigade Medical Supply Office (BMSO) NCOIC, managing the requisition, distribution, and warehousing of over $3,000,000 of critical CL VIII supplies. His technical expertise allowed him to successfully complete multiple projects, manage logistics operations, and improve customer service quality simultaneously. SFC Reeb closely managed inventory and enforced the use of available material before purchasing new supplies and saved the Army over $1,000,000 in fiscal year 2014.

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