Animal Care Specialist Awards

Animal Care Specialist

SPC Wilmore was assigned as a Health Certificate specialist in addition to regular clinic duties from December 2019 to August 2020 where she spent hours outside of regular clinic duty hours preparing families with pets to PCS domestically or internationally.

Animal Care Technician

As an Animal Care Technician, Specialist Pozzi supported over 100 Military Working Dog missions involving high ranking officials, including former President Barack Obama and current President Donald J. Trump. While at Andrews Air Force Base, Specialist Pozzi was the primary Bite Report Handler and closed out over 100 bite reports, ensuring accuracy and appropriate disposition. Additionally, Specialist Pozzi assisted the ocular trauma lab in developing more effective treatments for shrapnel damage at the Uniformed Service University of Health Science. Specialist Pozzi's diligent efforts and loyal devotion to duty reflect credit upon himself, Public Health Activity-Fort Belvoir-Fort Meade Branch and the United States Army.

Animal Care Specialist

At Fairchild AFB, PFC Snyder displayed a high level of competence and professionalism when working with civilians, handlers, and Military Working Dogs (MWD). He thoroughly reviewed the MWD records and found errors in vaccine records and blood tests. He went above and beyond his responsibilities during the mission at Fairchild AFB and took the lead in preparing the Veterinary Treatment Facility for their annual inspection (MICP).

PFC Snyder inspected six child developement centers and the Air Force Kennels at Fairchild AFB and obtained a scale and supplies for the kennels that were needed for emergencies and daily animal support.

Mastered basic handler training, surgery section, radiology section, and med clinic section.

Animal Care Specialist

For superior and undaunting service to the 363rd Quartermaster Battalion. SGT Sullivan's dedication and commitment to success make him an outstanding leader. SGT Sullivan, through his actions, has gained the respect of Soldiers and leaders at all levels. His determination toward self-development and the improvement of the organization sets the example for all enlisted Soldiers and non-commissioned and commissioned officers. SGT Sullivan's actions bring great credit upon himself, the 363rd QM BN, the US Army Reserve, and the United States Army.

Animal Care Specialist

SGM Taylor reviewed and evaluated 120 animal use protocols and over 160 amendments, participated in 2 Facility Inspections and completed multiple training events. His participation in these efforts along with contributions to the IACUC office greatly improved the overall efficiency of animal use protocol review. These meticulous reviews are critical and enhance research in the fields of vaccine development, traumatic brain injury, disease prevention and other important research areas which save lives, improve recovery, and prevent medical and disease epidemics among our warfighters. The efforts of SGM Taylor reflects great credit upon him, the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research and the United States Army.

Animal Care Specialist

SGT Pyle, while new to the workcenter, successfully filled the Veterinary Treatment Facility NCOIC position and met or exceeded all management responsibilities. Her exceptional ability to prioritize resources and resolve conflicts immediately improved morale and confidence and facilitated mission success. Her exemplary leadership during this time kept the VTF running smoothly, met all monthly suspenses, maintained high-quality care for 22 Military Working Dogs and accomplished over 900 outpatient visits. Under SGT Pyle, VTF production increased 25% over the previous year despite a 20% reduction in manning. SGT Pyle's devotion to duty bring great credit upon herself, the Veterinary Treatment Facility and the United States Army.

Animal Care NCO

o achieved 297 consistently on APFT

o his astute attention to detail ensured supplies and equipment were tracked and delivered to deliver optimal care

o ensured sterilizations documentation was accurate and ensured all SOPs were up to date

o improved the medical capabilities and the quality of healthcare in TF Med-East

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