MOS 68V Respiratory Specialist Awards

Over his 23 year career, Master Sergeant Williams deployed 13 times with the Critical Care Air Transportation Team as the Respiratory Therapist, supporting Operation Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom and transporting almost 300 critical patients. Sergeant Williams supported 11 humanitarian missions, moving over 300 patients to safety. Sergeant Williams culminated his career as the NCOIC of the largest respiratory therapy department in the military while assigned to Travis Air Force Base overseeing a staff of 9 and servicing over 2,000 patients a year. Lastly, Sergeant Williams served as the Curriculum Development Manager and facilitated the improvement of 12 medical career fields. Sergeant William's extraordinary efforts and accomplishments during this period reflect credit upon himself, the 59th Medical Wing and the United States Army.

During this period, Staff Sergeant Culver expertly triaged over 1,000 telephone consults and booked 566 appointments with a patient satisfaction rate of 95 percent, key to winning USARPAC's best clinic 2017. Additionally, as a case manager, Staff Sergeant Culver partnered with HCI on HEDIS health prevention metrics, achieved 96 percent child Upper Respiratory Infection and 100 percent Asthma ratings screenings. Furthermore, he completed a crucial and accurate inventory of 23,000 dollars worth of third party narcotics and inspected 45 different medications in two locations with zero discrepancies. He facilitated the aero evacuation mission, the movement to specialty treatment CONUS, and transported two critically-ill patients to aircraft, saving their lives. Finally, Staff Sergeant Culver recognized three acute cardiac patients and initiated emergency procedures and rapid transport to USNH ER, saving their lives. His noteworthy accomplishments during this period reflect credit upon himself, the 36th Medical Group and the United States Army.

During this period, Sergeant Michaels served as in-house supervisor, cared for 398 patients, admitted 270 patients, discharged 332 patients, coordinated 122 hospital transfers, and administered 3,145 medications with zero medication errors. In addition, Sergeant Michaels personally escorted six critical care patients with local hospital transfers delivering vital cardiac medications and intravenous fluids, saving the Army over 9,000 dollars. Finally, Sergeant Michaels used her expert skills to recover 13 after-hours surgical patients, performed 11 invasive procedure sedations, recuperated two infants in respiratory distress, assisted with two rapid intubations, and prevented disease outbreak by recognizing and correcting inadequate isolation precautions, saving the Army more than 9,900 dollars in civilian overtime expense. Her noteworthy accomplishments during this period reflect credit upon herself, the 375th Medical Group and the United States Army.

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