CMF 72 Preventive Medicine Sciences Awards

MOS 72D, OIC Bioenvironmental Engineering

Lieutenant Colonel Biro is responsible for all Bioenvironmental Engineering activities across the Wing. He led the transition of the unit to meet the new Air Force standards at the highest level, consistently ranking in the top one percent across the Air National Guard. Lieutenant Colonel Biro has implemented protocols and fail-safes to ensure unit compliance across multiple programs throughout the Wing, ensuring the safety of more than 1,000 unit members. His leadership and management skills were highlighted during the COVID-19 Pandemic by maintaining more than 95 percent compliance on Wing Fit Testing and 100 percent on Unit shop visits. Additionally, he led his Section through a MAJCOM inspection, with no significant findings reported, and the shop ranking at the top of ANG standards. He planned and executed radiation scatter surveys for both medical and NDI x-rays to outline a minimum safe distance from the source, ensuring personnel are protected. He also ensured that his flight maintains 100 percent training readiness. His training and readiness standards have become the goal for all flights within the medical group. As a leader and mentor, Lieutenant Colonel Biro has developed his troops and they have gone on to commission and promote to significant roles within the Wing.

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