Artillery Mechanic Award Examples

SPC Smith served with distinction, honor, and commitment to the Army. His dedication to service proved paramount throughout his entire term of positions. His team performed numerous scheduled services, closed out many work orders and accrued a high number of maintenance man-hours over the course of three years. He performed over 300 vehicle inspections, facilitating equipment turn-in and ensuring safe operation on the roads. SPC Smith's focus and skills as a mechanic have enhanced the 1-82 FA ground mobility. SPC Smith's dedication to Charlie Battery, 1-82 Field Artillery Battalion (FA) was continuously displayed in his role as the team's Senior mechanic. His enthusiasm and competence inspired his peers and subordinates to rise above themselves to accomplish all missions without any safety violations, including loss or damage of property. SPC Smith's exceptional ability and skill in confidently managing his battery's maintenance motivated his peers to work hard and stay focused. SPC Smith sacrificed many hours of family time to spend in the motorpool to ensure Charlie Battery was fully mission capable (FMC) at any given time. SPC Smith proved himself early in his career when the unit prepared for an NTC rotation and he helped to bring all equipment to FMC and maintained all equipment during that training exercise. Over the past three years, SPC Smith has completed a variety of field exercises where he supported Charlie Battery 1-82 FA. He has gained a lot of knowledge of his job and proved it throughout the many days spent in a Tactical Training environment. He has impacted his team and taught his mechanic skills to allow his peers to keep the maintenance up and allow Charlie Battery to stay effective.

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