91X Maintenance Supervisor Awards

MOS 91X Senior Maintenance Supervisor

SFC Snuffy served as the Brigade Senior Maintenance Supervisor for X Infantry Division Sustainment Brigade (SBDE) through two major, peninsula-wide exercises: Key Resolve 18 and Ulchi Freedom Guardian 18. As Convoy Commander for the night movements over a combined 600 kms during deployment and redeployment, he set the standard for the most forward element of XID SBDE without incident.

SFC Suffy's leadership abilities enabled him to reestablish the SBDE S4 maintenance section. He provided maintenance guidance and material sourcing solutions to three battalions, tracked 17 critical fleets, supervised the completion of 1200 MWOs and daily validated the ZPARK. This made it possible for the brigade to maintain an impressive 95% operational readiness rate exceeding the DA standard by 5%.

SFC Snuffy provided excellent mentorship by conducting five separate maintenance training classes that accumulatively trained 400 Soldiers in the SBDE consisting of 14 UICs on their assigned equipment. Under his mentorship, he skillfully groomed the next generation of leaders, which allowed the maintenance team to receive commendable ratings in two different inspection tables during the FY18 CMDP.

SFC Snuffy's technical expertise allowed him to expertly track maintenance on 21,413 pieces of equipment. This included 34 AOAP items, 1,394 TMDE items, 40 items enrolled into TSRP, 25 items enrolled into TSRR and 1,000 Overage Repairable items valued at $1M. To ensure these items were being properly tracked and completed he conducted weekly maintenance readiness meetings with the battalions.

MOS 91X Platoon Sergeant

As a Platoon Sergeant from September 2015 to November 2017, SFC Snuffy was responsible for the training, health and welfare of 11NCOs and 34 Soldiers. He flawlessly developed and executed training on 28 maintenance specific Standardized Mission Essential Task List categories; achieved a 100 % first time go rate. He methodically executed five battalion lead ranges that included two M2 ranges, two Night Vision Device courses, and one convoy live fire range that accumulatively qualified 201 Soldiers on their assigned equipment.

SFC Snuffy's outstanding management skills and leadership abilities enabled him to lead the battalion ground maintenance element though a Joint Readiness Training Center Exercise (JRTC). He effectively led six convoys as the Convoy Commander without loss, damage, or accident from Fort Polk to Alexandria and back. He personally orchestrated maintenance platoons preparation to deploy and redeploy to JRTC rotation XX-XX which ensured the expedited turn in of 37 pieces of drawn equipment in an astonishing 24 hour period.

MOS 91X Motor Sergeant

SFC Snuffy's versatility allowed him to simultaneously serve as the Battalion Maintenance Tech and Battalion Motor Sergeant. He expertly maintained readiness for 238 rolling stock, 1,460 electronic devices, and 2,756 auxiliary items. He developed maintenance procedures that increased production by 20%. His section completed 9,808 maintenance jobs and 87,000 man hours of accident free labor; which made it possible for the battalion to maintain an impressive 98% operational readiness rate that exceeded DA standards by 8%.

SFC Snuffy's impeccable performance contributed to XXXXth General Support Aviation Battalion being selected as the FY14 small MTOE Category FORSCOM runner up for the Army Award for Maintenance Excellence (AAME). His dedication to duty allowed his maintenance team to receive commendable ratings in two different inspection tables during the FY14 and FY16 Division Command Maintenance.

SGT B directly contributed to the successful National Training Center (NTC) rotation 16-04 for Echo Forward Support Company. His direct contribution to the maintenance section ensured 20 generators were fully mission capable in preparation for NTC in addition to coordinating 10 generators that Task Force Tiger shark withdrew and turned-in during this NTC rotation. SGT B's insightful use of maintenance resources proved to be invaluable for the entire Task Force, making him a superb leader and a combat multiplier.

SGT B proved his vast knowledge while assisting I Corps during mandatory upgrades to 500 of the M240Bs and M249s on Joint Base Lewis McChord. He proved to be a brigade asset during the range weeks for 201st HHC, 602nd brigade support company, 109th and 502nd Military Intelligence Battalions by conducting several Preliminary Marksmanship Instruction (PMI) classes, conducting head space and timing prior to weapons being fired, correcting malfunctions, and ensuring a safe environment for all Soldiers with zero incidents.

SGT B built the company arms room service program from the ground up from ensuring all paperwork and services were to standard. The company resulted in successfully passing their CLDP and improving their previous rating by 50% to a 96%. He trained and mentor his team in correspondence courses resulting in eight Soldiers attaining the maximum number of possible points. SGT B completed the retention mission with 100% in Initial, Mid-career, and Career categories and held over 120 retention ceremonies.

SGT B became both the NCOIC for both the armament and the communications and electronic shops. He inherited $1,800,000 worth of equipment and successfully turned in $1,750,000 with zero errors. He made supreme improvements to the direct support shops bench and shop stock to ensure a maximum of a two day turnaround time on Non-Mission Capable equipment. SGT Barbontin spearheaded and coordinated the transition of direct support assets from 201st BFSB to 542nd Support Maintenance Company with no failures.

Maintenance Team Chief

o supervised the completion of over 400 work orders while maintaining an overall 98% Operational Readiness Rate on 500 pieces of equipment

o maintained 100% accountability of all assigned equpment that valued over $20,000

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