MOS 92M Mortuary Affairs Specialist Awards

For meritorious service as Mortuary Affairs Specialist. In the absence of an assigned CJTF-101 Mortuary Affairs Noncommissioned Officer, Sergeant First Class Mixon worked closely with CJTF-101 leadership to ensure our Fallen Comrades were evacuated to and from Bagram Air Base in an expeditious and dignified manner. He provided invaluable technical and tactical guidance to task force leadership and trained non-Mortuary Affairs personnel on proper protocols. His thoughtful and diligent actions multiplied our after-care capabilities, ensured proper respect to fallen Soldiers, and improved morale throughout the Area of Operation. The efforts of Sergeant First Class Mixon reflect great credit upon himself, the JTF and the United States Army.

For meritorious service as Mortuary Affairs Specialist. Staff Sergeant Night demonstrated technical knowledge by providing doctrinal guidance in establishing the Brigade's Mortuary Affairs program. He developed policies and operating instructions and instructed 77 personnel in CLEAR team operations. As a result, Mortuary Affairs duties were executed with the utmost respect and attention to detail. Staff Sergeant Night's commitment to duty reflects great credit on the 45th Brigade Mortuary Affairs, the Oklahoma Army National Guard and the United States Army.

For meritorious service as Mortuary Affairs Specialist. Sergeant Nelson served as the central point of contact for mortuary services for all coalition forces in the AOR. He worked with protocol to arrange and coordinate the reception and movement of Coalition Forces remains to their respective countries. He ensured there was an orderly and dignified transition during the Relief in Place (RIP) between the 111th Quartermaster and the 54th Quartermaster Collection Teams, while providing outstanding support to both teams. The actions of Sergeant Nelson reflect great credit upon himself, the 101st Special Troops Battalion and the United States Army.

SPC Agee demonstrated exceptional leadership skills while cross-training her peers. She showed them how to speak eloquently when conducting telephonic training as well as how to present in person. She showed subordinates how to manipulate and articulate practical exercises to give a realistic approach to casualty recording. SPC Agee's training resulted in dozens of Brigades and Battalions gaining access to systems and grasp a wider knowledge and competence to casualty reporting.

SPC Agee attended a conference in Manama, Bahrain. Her knowledge and eagerness to succeed in the mission has set her apart from her peers and has fostered a remarkable working environment. Her attention to detail and ability to adapt during her training has been integral to the mission. SPC Agee's superior military bearing has resulted in her being able to attend and present at the conference and give detailed training on Defense Casualty Information Processing Systems.

SPC Snuffina consistently displayed a pattern of superior performance throughout her tenure at the United States Army Regional Mortuary Europe/Africa (USARME/A). SPC Scott's efforts assisted with processing, embalming, casketing, and disposition of over 200 mortuary cases for Active Duty Service members, dependent family members, and Retirees. Her attention to detail and ability to adapt to the heavy operational tempo of the USARME/A ensured that all missions were accomplished with zero deficiencies.

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