Production Controller Awards

Sergeant Kite was solely responsible for the daily production control and all logistical operations in the TASMG Motor Pool. He also served as second in charge of the TASMG Motor Pool and was called upon countless times to serve as the NCOIC of the TASMG Motor Pool.

He seamlessly executed the duties of senior NCOs in his section by providing higher headquarters with detailed weekly reports as to the status and disposition of each individual piece of equipment assigned to the TASMG Motor Pool. Upon completion of the Transfer of Authority, Sergeant Kite immediately began the daunting task of reorganizing, cleaning, and repairing the TASMG Motor Pool and the SAMS-E logistical maintenance system.

Through his tireless efforts and leadership, and with limited tools and resources, Sergeant Kite increased the operational readiness rate of rolling stock assigned to the TASMG Motor Pool from 70% Fully Mission Capable (FMC) to 95% FMC. Sergeant Kite accomplished this within 30 days of taking charge of the site.

While serving as the senior vehicle licensing official, Sergeant Kite not only ensured Task Force 11 was properly licensed, he trained and fully licensed 63 additional civilian contractors assigned to Task Force 11.

While serving outside the scope of his assigned duties, Sergeant Kite took it upon himself to figure out what channels to go through when turning in Theater Provided Equipment (TPE) and AMCOM property. His actions resulted in over 3 million dollars worth of vehicles and equipment being turned in.

Sergeant Kite successfully completed 29 off-post parts procurement missions to Kuwait City. During his last visit, he successfully negotiated the special purchase of mission essential parts from a local national in Ahamadi, Kuwait. The parts procured were critical to the SSA's mission. With the purchase of the parts, he was able to bring all of the SSA's forklifts up to 100% fully mission capable.

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