Rear Detachment Examples

S1 Clerk

SGT Cress served as an S1 Clerk for the Rear Detachment of the 180th Transportation Battalion. He processed awards, NCOERs and various personnel actions for the Rear Detachment of the Battalion Headquarters and five other assigned company rear detachments supporting approximately 250 Soldiers.

SGT Cress prepared products about the activities, training, and completion of assigned tasking, and troop to task lists by the 180th Transportation Battalion for submission to higher headquarters, ensuring that higher headquarters had an accurate picture of activities within the 180th Transportation Battalion. SGT Cress supported the family readiness groups of the Battalion by participating in fundraisers and activities in support of Soldiers downrange and at Fort Hood.

SPC Forrest reconfigured the Battalion S1 area to accommodate the different requirements of a rear detachment. She reorganized and updated DD93's for the entire Battalion, to include all DD93s for CONUS and approximately 1200 forward deployed Soldiers. SPC Forrest managed the Battalion's DA31 file and ensured all leaves were tracked and properly processed.

SSG Kinley served as an assistant S3 for the Rear Detachment of the 180th Transportation Battalion. He collected and maintained training schedules, data and other information for the Rear Detachment of the Battalion Headquarters and other assigned company rear detachments.

While assigned to 4th Sustainment Brigade rear detachment, PFC Beradelli held the position of system administrator. In this position he helped maintain a 100% compliance with Directorate Of Information Management (DOIM). PFC Beradellis' responsibilities were supervising and overseeing the re-imaging for all systems on the network, updating system software to new Fort Hood standards, and also updating all user agreements within the rear detachment and supporting units.

PFC Beradelli assisted team members in the installation and operation of multichannel line-of-site and tropospheric scatter communications systems and networks. He performed and assisted team members in the performance of unit level maintenance on assigned communications equipment.

PFC Beradelli's tact, resourcefulness, and sound judgment, combined with his ability to work without supervision, contributed greatly to the structuring and implementation of the 4th Sustainment Brigades computer and networks operations. He contributed long hours and tireless efforts to ensure that daily operations continued to run both smoothly and effectively.

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