Vehicle Recovery Awards

On 25AUG10, while on mission number DE-SP-039 on Main Supply Route Tampa in the vicinity of Forward Operating Base Taji, Baghdad, Iraq, the convoy in which SPC Barker was assigned as the mechanic came under small arms fire. A civilian contract truck attached to this convoy of 43 vehicles was disabled by the small arms fire, and sustained damage which caused the vehicles brakes to lock and become inoperable. SPC Barker, without hesitation, and at great personal risk to himself, exited the safety of his vehicle, and moved into the kill zone, where he made necessary repairs so that the vehicle could be recovered. SPC Barker then secured the vehicle so that it could be towed to a safe area. His quick thinking, skill, knowledge of vehicle recovery operations, and ingenuity ensured that the vehicle, its trailer, and operator were recovered to safety. SPC Barkers actions ensured the successful completion of the mission, and the safe return of all members of the convoy. His actions reflect great credit upon himself, the 1171st Transportation Company, the Tennessee Army National Guard and the United States Army.

Spc Jones served as FSC vehicle recovery crew member, training outside her MOS of 91C. She maintained a 10-ton Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck Wrecker with basic issue items and tools valued in excess of $200,000. She tactically administered expedient wrecker support to FSC 875th EN BN during STC rotation at Camp Dodge IA. Her mechanical skills and attention to detail provided FSC with highly skilled maintenance and recovery support. Spc Jones exemplified the Army values, ensuring that she was an asset to mission accomplishment. She exercised resilience while remaining flexible and adapting to the mission demands as they changed.

In this important assignment, Specialist Larkin's outstanding leadership and devotion to duty were instrumental factors in the successful recovery of an overturned military vehicle on the Interstate highway. Specialist Larkin and his team arrived on the scene of an LMTV accident which was blocking civilian traffic. Without hesitation, he took charge of the situation as lead wrecker operator and orchestrated the recovery process in an extremely timely manner with minimal disruption to civilian traffic.

SGT Smith successfully executed two recovery missions, enabling fuelers to accomplish their mission and ensuring uninterrupted operations. Additionally, he completed 13 work orders on vehicles, maintaining 100% fleet availability and ensuring uninterrupted operational support. He also dedicated personal time to support multiple recovery missions for another unit, ensuring timely completion of critical tasks and fostering collaboration. Furthermore, he supported A. Co Tricon inventory by facilitating accurate asset tracking, ensuring mission readiness.

SPC Pal fulfilled or exceeded his responsibilities both within and outside his MOS, cross training and performing duties and tasks of a wheeled vehicle mechanic, routinely completing all required mission sets. His actions helped with the repair, service, and recovery of over 60 pieces of essential equipment and systems that were crucial to the success of the Battalions modernization mission, the Integrated Battle Command System. His professionalism, expertise and diligence facilitated the order and installation of a total of $1,023,437 worth of parts.

During OIF 9, SPC Ouellette was assigned the responsibilities of the M88 Recovery Vehicle. He was also assigned the position of Recovery Vehicle Operator, not only for the M88 but also for the HEMTT Recovery Wrecker. His responsibility for this important equipment was impeccable. He kept the M88 and Wrecker combat effective the entire time. His foresight and dedication to his work helped the vehicles sustain a combat readiness posture, making it possible for the Wrecker and M88 to consistently complete recovery missions.

SPC Working was responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the M88A2 along with Black Foot Troops' Bradley Fighting Vehicles. SPC Working assisted in more than eight recovery missions with tenacious drive and pride in his work. SPC Working provided teaching and understanding of the M88A2 and Bradley Fighting Vehicle to Foreign Nationals. He taught how to properly recover and maintain both vehicles along with assisting in operations.

Sgt Kelly did an outstanding job on the QRF (Quick Responce Force) team in making sure he was always prepared for the mission. He contributed to the Kabul area security by being a well trained and alert truck commander for the recovery team. In addition, as part of the QRF and 1438th's recovery team, he accomplished many successful missions including recovering everything from rollovers to stuck vehicles.

Specialist Russell's outstanding professional skill, knowledge, and leadership aided immeasurably in the recovery of one of the unit's largest pieces of equipment resulting in its recovery with no injuries. Assisted the wrecker crew for five hours in the troubleshooting of lifting the D7R dozer blade with the wrecker's crane in soft sand safely.

SGT Sherrill was an indispensable part of the recovery section during the Unit's Mass Culminating event from 15 April - 17 April 2012. During this time with the section, he trained Soldiers in recovery techniques on a variety of vehicles. His exceptional knowledge and expertise allowed his section to complete six recovery missions safely and without any incidents during the training event.

While assigned to 55th Signal Company, SGT Kramer provided scheduled and unscheduled organizational and direct support maintenance. He played a vital role in completing more than 500 vehicle services to maintain the unit's readiness at over 97%. His technical proficiency was instrumental in the turn-in of over 150 pieces of rolling stock to the Army supply system. In addition, SGT Kramer flawlessly conducted the recovery of over 20 vehicles ensuring that disabled vehicles had little to no effect on the unit's mission.

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