Schools NCO Award Examples

SGT Young established and built a rapport with the Schools NCOs from both the Medical Department and the 10th Mountain Division (Light Infantry). Through this cooperation, he created school opportunities for DENTAC officers and enlisted to include NCOES, CATC, and LFS. Not only did he maximize the availability of each, but he also trained, equipped and sponsored each candidate, leading to a 88% pass rate, highest running for the past five years.

Specialist Moore served as the Battalion's School and Defense Travel System NCOIC, directly responsible for the tracking and processing of over 300 functional and troop school packets for the Battalion. SPC Moore built, reviewed and ensured the accuracy of 54 travel authorizations ensuring Soldiers were able to attend their assigned courses and complete unit mission travel requests. SPC Moore was the subject matter expert in the battalion for all school and travel authorization requests and was frequently sought out for her expertise.

SSG Knight worked for HHC, 1-8 CAV as the Battalion's Defense Travel System expert as well as performing the duties as the Battalion's Schools NCO, and the Battalions Agency program coordinator managing the Battalion's Citibank Program. SSG Knight showed incredible work ethic from the beginning of his duty placement, throughout his deployment to Camp Herkus in Lithuania, and upon his return to Fort Cavazos. SSG Knight proved he is reliable at all times and will complete the mission under any circumstance.

SSG Odom served as the Brigade Combat Engineer Staff NCO and Schools NCO for a rapid deployment Maneuver Enhancement Brigade.

During his tenure, he disseminated school information for four subordinate battalions, re-wrote the Brigade school SOP, and improved tracking and reporting efficiency for a variety of schools.

He assisted with the warfighter plan for 25 missions at III Corps. He enabled over 400 Soldiers to complete required training for deployment.

He processed 250 NCOES packets for the Brigade which improved Soldier development.

Meritorious service while serving as Brigade Combat Engineer Staff NCO and Schools NCO for a rapid deployment Maneuver Enhancement Brigade from 10 June 2018 to 20 September 2020. During his tenure in this important position, Staff Sergeant Odom supported the extensive training requirements of four subordinate battalions. He disseminated school information, updated Brigade School policies, and improved reporting efficiency for a variety of schools by 30 percent. In addition, he synchronized deployment scheduling with professional development opportunities and processed more than 250 NCOES packets for the Brigade, increasing attendance by 20 percent over previous years. Staff Sergeant Odom's foresight, planning, and relentless efforts enabled over 400 Soldiers to complete required training and raised Brigade readiness to 98 percent for the first time in five years. Sergeant Odoms's extraordinary efforts and accomplishments during this period reflect credit upon himself, the U.S. Army Forces Command and the United States Army.

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