Section Leader Award Narratives

SSG Name demonstrated exceptional initiative to the detachment by spending many hours, including his personal time, ensuring tasks were accomplished, training was conducted, and soldiers' welfare was attended to.

SSG Name was responsible for all enlisted matters pertaining to the detachment while acting in the role of the Detachment Sergeant. He provided outstanding leadership to 19 enlisted soldiers assigned to the detachment.

SSG Name demonstrated integrity and dedication to duty by assuming this position after the detachment's team chiefs, commander, and detachment sergeant mobilized in support of USACIDC.

While serving as a Section Leader during AT 2020 with Bravo company, SSG Santesson lead nine of his section members through fifteen days of physically and mentally demanding training.

SSG Santesson's ability to assess situations quickly and choose appropriate courses of action ensured the security of the squad and ultimately the platoon.

SSG Santesson took the lead during a demanding 30km cross country trek while ensuring the welfare of his soldiers.

His knowledge of mounted ops made SSG Santesson an effective trainer for the platoon and ensured a successful 2020 AT.

His extensive knowledge of infantry tactics allowed him to emplace his squad proactively, efficiently, and continuously for maximum effectiveness.

Ensured his squad was always fully equipped for each and every mission.

His hard work and motivation inspired his squad to perform to their utmost ability.

He always put his squad's needs above his own, embracing the value of selfless service.

SSG Lampley fulfilled his role as section leader with poise, professionalism, and determination during Annual Training TY19. He maintained accountability of his assigned Soldiers and equipment, displayed maturity when handling Soldier issues, and outstanding judgment in accomplishing the mission. SSG Lampley provided leadership and direction for the EST 2000 Reflexive Fire training exercise during Annual Training 2019. His competence with Reflexive Fire techniques allowed him to coach and mentor over 50 Soldiers within the Battalion to help prepare them with engagement skills for the upcoming deployment.

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