Serialization Officer Awards

Staff Sergeant Kline, United States Army, distinguished himself by exceptionally meritorious service as the Serialization Officer for the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) 100 percent Wall-to-Wall Weapons inventory from November 2016 to August 2017. His hard work, diligence, and attention to detail were vital to the completion of the mission and the inventory of over 200,000 small arms, small arms parts, and Foreign Military Sales. Staff Sergeant Kline researched, identified, and resolved over 10,000 weapon discrepancies. His untiring efforts and dedication, and his ability to adapt to various assignments were key factors in the success of the largest hands-on inventory in history. Staff Sergeant Kline single handedly segregated, identified, tagged, and staged over 100 battle damaged weapons for demilitarization and initiated communication with the Tank Automotive and Armaments Command (TACOM) item manager to ensure appropriate condition codes were applied to condemned weapons. In addition, he utilized systems such as the Distribution Standard System (DSS), Query Management File (QMF), Army Serial Number Tracker (ARSNT), and the Unit Item Tracker (UIT) to research, identify and track the movement of several serial numbers. Staff Sergeant Kline routinely coordinated with the Logistics Support Activity (LOGSA) to request serial number corrections and ensured that DLA and the Central Registry were synchronized with an accurate account of all weapons. His actions led to the successful retrograde of all battle damaged weapons and saved the Army over 100,000 dollars in storage costs. The distinctive accomplishments of Staff Sergeant Kline reflect great credit upon himself, the United States Army and the Department of Defense.

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