Staff Duty NCO Awards

Master Sergeant Pedersen deployed 23 times as a Presidential Communications Officer where he provided immediate voice and data communications to the President, Vice President, the US Secret Service and Senior Staff members. He managed, installed, and operated communication assets valued at over $500K for CONUS and OCONUS missions without loss or security incidents while leading personnel teams of six to 20 agents. As a Senior Duty NCO working in a 24 hour operations center, Master Sergeant Pedersen had direct oversight of over 200 Presidential and 300 Vice Presidential missions and ensured 100% situational awareness at all times and acted promptly to assist leaders, enlisted and officer, in accomplishing the mission. His exceptional attention to detail facilitated his management of five GPC accounts averaging $120K per month, with 100% accountability and validity of all purchases and charges. The distinctive accomplishements of Master Sergeant Pedersen reflect credit upon himself, the White House Communications Agency and the United States Army.

o expertly supported numerous missions for deploying units while participating in numerous CPX, MRX, MDMP, BCST training events

o his internship as Staff Duty NCO exposed him to the latest Command and Control tools and increased his value to the team

o SSG Minot's performance and support thoughout several multi branch events has been an immeasurable service to the 22nd Infantry Brigade Combat Team

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