Student Status Awards

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Basic Leader Course

SPC Parmesian completed the Basic Leader Course in the top 20% of his class,and achieved placement on the Commandant's List. SPC Parmesian's remarkable ability to communicate with peers, surpass conventional thought, and project a professional attitude made him a de facto leader in group settings and among less confident Soldiers. Furthermore, SPC Parmesian was selected from among 150 Soldiers to appear before the class Leadership Board.

Qualification Training

Staff Sergeant Oswaldo Mobray is awarded the Army Achievement Medal in recognition of his distinguished accomplishments as a Student in training from 11 March 2023 to 13 May 2023. During this period, Staff Sergeant Mobray demonstrated exceptional dedication and expertise by completing a rigorous training program, designed to be completed in four months, in just over two months. Maintaining a 95 percent testing average throughout the training, Staff Sergeant Mobray showcased remarkable proficiency and commitment to excellence. His extraordinary efforts resulted in significant time and cost savings, as well as increased operational readiness for the unit. His ability to quickly assimilate information and apply it effectively and accurately in a high-pressure environment was instrumental in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the training program. Additionally, Staff Sergeant Mobray's proactive approach and positive attitude inspired his peers and subordinates, fostering a culture of excellence and continuous improvement. His exceptional performance and dedication to duty embody the highest standards of the Army and set the standard for performance in technical training.

Basic Leader Course

Distinguished Honor Graduate of the Basic Leader Course, showcasing exceptional leadership, dedication, and exemplary performance. Represented his unit with exceptional professionalism and dedication, reflecting positively on the unit's values and standards. In addition, he was awarded the Distinguished Leadership Award for demonstrating outstanding leadership qualities, initiative, and commitment to excellence throughout the course.

Basic Leader Course

Sergeant Delmont demonstrated outstanding academic prowess at the Basic Leader's Course, achieving a high GPA that earned him a place in the top 20% of his class and inclusion on the Commandant's List. His academic excellence, ranking him in the top 10 among 39 peers, underscored his intellectual capabilities and commitment to excellence, setting a high standard of leadership and dedication within the military service.

Advanced Leadership Course

Sergeant Candlewax completed the Advanced Leadership Course Class 24-002 in the top 20% of his class. He achieved placement on the Commandant's List and distinguished himself by far exceeding the course standards and graduating as the "Shane M. Koele" Distinguished Honor Graduate with an overall GPA of 95.70 percent. Sergeant Candlewax displayed exemplary leadership skills and projected a professional attitude while participating in the small group's collaboration which resulted him in being first out of 14 in his class standing.

Class Leader, Basic Leader's Course (BLC)

Corporal Nellis excelled in the Basic Leader's Course (BLC) 02-24, achieving an impressive GPA of 3.7%, and showcasing a depth of knowledge that distinguished him from among his peers. His academic performance earned him a top placement in his class and an overall rank of fourth out of 88 personnel which highlighted his presence, intellect and devotion to his studies.

BLC Class 405-24

Specialist DeGuzman distinguished herself by graduating ninth out of sixty five Soldiers in BLC Class 405-24 and achieved a remarkable Grade Point Average (GPA) of 94.75, earning a spot on the Commandant's List. Her unwavering dedication, exceptional leadership qualities, and commitment to excellence have significantly contributed to the unit's success and mission accomplishment.

Basic Leadership Course (BLC)

CPL Geovanni attended Basic Leadership Course (BLC) and her receipt of an award for writing the best Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention (SHARP) essay among 113 other soldiers highlights her exceptional ability to articulate important issues and communicate effectively through the written word. Her insightful analysis and impactful writing not only contributed to fostering a safer and more respectful environment within the Army but also showcased her intellectual prowess and leadership potential. In addition to her academic achievements, CPL Geovanni's placement on the Commandant's List, which recognizes the top 20% of BLC graduates, underscores her exceptional leadership potential. Her outstanding performance and dedication to excellence set her apart as a future leader within the Army, deserving of commendation and support in furthering her career development.

Advanced Leaders Course

In recognition of your outstanding achievement during your participation in the Advanced Leaders Course. While attending the course, Sergeant Quentin Tarantino was recognized as the distinguished honor graduate. Sergeant Tarantino maintained an average of 96. This achievement demonstrates a high degree of initiative and dedication and reflects highly on himself, Alpha company 2/389 and the United States army.

Combat Life Saver Training

PFC Hmong displayed exceptional leadership qualities while appointed as class leader for the unit's Combat Life Saver training. For the duration of the class, his proactive efforts ensured accountability within the class and extended to maintaining cleanliness of the training facility. His dedication fostered a positive rapport with the Vandal Center staff, reflecting PFC Hmong's commitment to professionalism and team cohesion.

Advanced Leader Course

He maintained a 99.5 GPA with superior ratings in Leadership, Written Communication, Oral Communication, and Research Ability. He was selected as the Distinguished Honor Graduate for exceeding the course standards set forth by the 92A Advanced Leader Course at FT Lee, Virginia.

Basic Leader Course (BLC)

SPC Baxter completed the Basic Leader Course (BLC) requirements, graduated in the top 20% of his class and earned first place on the Commandant's List. He demonstrated outstanding leadership, communication, and technical and tactical skills. SPC Baxter led by example and set the standard for fellow Soldiers and future NCOs in his detachment to follow.

Warrior Leader Course 002-13

SGT Hales distinguished himself by exceeding the course standards while attending the Warrior Leader Course 002-13. SGT Hales demonstrated outstanding leadership abilities that set him apart from his peers and elevated him well above the established norm. SGT hales performed in a superior manner throughout the Warrior Leader Course and was placed on the Commandant's List.

Special Warfare Course

Spc Mcmahom has proved to be a valuable asset for the entire OT section. He helped support the day to day operations of the Special Warfare courses and aided in the running of the MED HOLD section of the unit. He continuously set an example for others to follow by maintaining a neat image and showing the utmost respect to all NCOs and Officers.

Advanced Leadership Course

While attending the Advanced Leadership Course, SSG Brinton set himself apart from 64 of his peers by maintaining a 98% grade point average. He did so by implementing an agressive study plan forcing him to use his spare time accordingly. His hardwork, can do attitude, and commitment to excellence resulted in him being selected to the Commadant's List.

Student 1SG & Hold PG

SPC Johnson's proactive approach to his responsibilities ensured student and barracks readiness during the coordination and execution of HBL. SPC Johnson ensured Bravo company was never without coverage for various details, through effective tasking and coordination. SPC Johnson inherited duties and responsibilities far above his rank during a 15th Signal Brigade meeting where he presented the issues Soldiers are facing and several solutions to these problems to senior leaders.

Civil Affairs Reclass Course

SSG Bronson's excellence in the academics and graded rubrics set him apart from his peers, earning him the title of Distinguished Honor Graduate. SSG Bronson displayed the utmost potential, head and shoulders above his peers, while attending the Civil Affairs Reclass Course. SSG Bronson conducted superior and intrusive mentoring of his fellow Civil Affairs reclassification course students while participating in the field training exercise.

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