Weapons Squad Leader Awards

Meritorious service while serving as Weapons Squad Leader with Baker Company 3-509 IN (ABN). During this period, SSG Harrison maintained his position as the highest rated squad leader in the company. He trained and employed a Weapons Squad during Squad, Platoon, and Company Live Fire Exercises (LFX) and distinguished himself above his peers during Company Live Fire, receiving numerous verbal accolades from the Brigade Staff for his expertise in employing his Weapons Squad. SSG Harrison developed all seven soldiers of weapons squad into a well-qualified and efficient team, with several of his gunners attaining expert qualifications during the train-up for CALFEX. SSG Harrison's professionalism and technical knowledge directly contributed to the building and strengthening of not only the squad he was responsible for, but the entire company. During rehearsals, SSG Harrison was attentive, focused, and flexible, adjusting to changes in the plan with exceptional patience and employing his experience to give valuable and relevant feedback to the Company Command Team and Platoon Leaders. SSG Harrison displayed competent judgement in his employment of 3rd Platoon's Weapons Squad. Despite numerous large changes to the plan and a diminished ammo reserve in the Blank Fire Iteration, he maintained, dominating fire superiority to facilitate the entire company's maneuver.

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