TC 4-02.1, First Aid, Jan 2016
1 Fundamentals of First Aid quiz text
2 Evaluate a Casualty quiz text
3 Open the Airway quiz text
4 Airway Obstructions quiz text
5 Apply an Occlusive Dressing quiz text
6 First Aid for Bleeding from an Extremity quiz text
7 First Aid for Burns quiz text
8 First Aid to Prevent or Control Shock quiz text
9 First Aid for Nerve Agent Injury quiz text
10 First Aid for Bites and Stings quiz text
11 First Aid for Heat Illness quiz text
12 First Aid for Cold Injury quiz text
13 Apply a Rigid Splint quiz text
14 Rescue Breathing quiz text
15 External Chest Compressions quiz text
16 Head Injuries quiz text
17 Abdominal Injuries quiz text
18 Impalement Injuries quiz text
19 Apply an Elastic Bandage quiz text
20 Apply a Sling and Swathe quiz text
21 Treat a Casualty for Snakebite quiz text
22 Initiate Treatment for Anaphylactic Shock
23 Transport a Casualty
24 First Aid for Lacerations of the Eyelid
25 First Aid for Foreign Bodies on the Eye
26 First Aid for Extrusions of the Eye
27 First Aid for Chemical Burns of the Eye
Random Test on All First Aid Chapters quiz