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Subject: FW: Refrigerator Cleanout

The Bio-Hazard crew will be here on Friday to clean out the Fridge. If you don't want your food to be thrown away, make sure it has your name and disposal date (max 3 days) on it.   John

John Smith, Director

Subject: Clean Up Work Stations


Gen Smith will be visiting our Battalion next week and we all need to make sure the unit is looking sharp.

From 1300-1600 today, please take the time to clean up your desk and surrounding work areas. Make sure everything is cleaned and dusted, floors are vacuumed, papers are either filed or shredded, there are no inappropriate or questionable posters or cartoons posted, screen savers/desktops are standardized, etc.

Also, if there are binders, boxes, extra supplies, unsightly cables, or other materials laying out, please find an organized place to store them.

At 1545 we will all gather in the parking lot for a quick walk-around and general cleanup of the area. MSG Cline will provide necessary bags, brooms, etc.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you


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    The refrigerator is a health hazard. Anyone who wants to keep their drinks, containers, or science project needs to remove them by Sunday, August 1st.

John Smith



Comm 514-638-5959

DSN 758-5959



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