Letter of Condolence



Mrs. Jane Doe
123 Any Street
Anyplace, Texas 12345-6789

I wanted you to know how much we regret the loss of your son, Private First Class John S. Doe. The entire unit joins me in sending our deepest sympathies and understanding during this period of bereavement.

John was one of the best soldiers in the 555th Support Battalion. I am personally aware of the numerous professional jobs John did to support his unit and the Battalion mission. Additionally, John was very active in the community, particularly with the church and physical fitness activities. His personality was one of promoting teamwork and positive motivation--I never saw John without a smile!

John was definitely a top notch performer. He was selected from among his peers as Soldier of the Quarter for the period 1 October through 31 December 2005, at both the Company and Battalion level. This was a remarkable achievement! I have enclosed a picture of John being presented the award here in Camp Atter.

Please know that we have shared in your pain and sorrow and pay our final respects to one of our best friends and conrades. John will certainly be missed by all of us.

Colonel, XO

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