NCO Counseling Statement Examples

CPL Wills, as mentioned in your previous counseling, there is still a lack of engagement or interaction between you and the soldiers. As a future leader, it will be your job to coach, counsel, and mentor upcoming soldiers. To prepare you for this upcoming role, I encourage you to take up the responsibility and get to know your soldiers.

Performance in all areas meet standards. Your Soldiers respect you and follow your example. As an NCO, you must strictly adhere to all standards and set a positive example. Uniforms should always be clean and in good condition and we must all report to work on time. Keep up the good work.

Performance and productivity this period are above average and have improved since our last counseling session. Continue to set the example and your subordinates will follow your lead. Make sure progression is shown in qualifications. Maintain neat appearance and uniforms. Keep up the good work.

Progress is good. Remember to be flexible and that we're all on the same team, working toward the same goals. We all follow orders and answer to someone. Appearance and leadership are above reproach. Continue to build fitness scores.

There should be no surprises on your NCOER. Exceeds standards in all areas except fitness.

Nothing new to discuss this quarter. No changes in personal status. Keep working on qualification and fitness.

Uniform, military bearing, and performance meets and exceeds standards but for Excellent rating, more is required. Increase efforts on training, must be proficient on all tasks. Plan ahead. Have enough clean uniforms on hand so that if your uniform is rendered unwearable, you have another ready.

Values: Excellent, Competence: Excellent, Fitness, Bearing: Success (this will hold you back until score improves), Leadership: Success (must hold Soldiers accountable for improper behavior), Training: Excellent, Responsibility: Success (managing Soldiers is one of most important responsibilities to unit).

There are no problems with rated areas but be aware that conduct off-duty can influence overall rating. Focus on training subordinates. Their failure to progress is your failure and will ultimately affect all of us.

Work during this rating this period was good. Remember that, as a Squad Leader, you must set a positive example for subordinates to follow. Uniforms must always be clean and in good condition and training must be up to date. Keep up the good work.

Remind your Soldiers that reporting time is 15 minutes before their shift starts. While on duty the phones must be answered before 3 rings. Answer phones with courtesy and always take a message. When not otherwise busy with work orders, work on training.

All areas Excellent but Training is area of concern. Two of five Soldiers failed their initial qualification. If they don't improve, cannot justify "Excellent" rating. Uniform and military bearing are exemplary.

Conduct is first-rate but emphasis is on attention to detail. Pay attention to circumstances and ask Squad Leader for advice when needed. Congratulations on being quarterly award nominee. Maintain sharp appearance.

Rating is Success or above in all areas but keep in mind that rating is competitive and community involvement and self-improvement are as important as duty-related qualities. Continue to work on training and proficiency.

Continue as you are. All areas rated Excellent. Help maintain a professional work environment so all members feel like they are members of the team. This is a Command area of interest.

Superior performance in and out of uniform. Report any disagreements or problems before they affect workcenter morale. You are a valued member. Need to improve in Competence area, get qualified in new position.

Military customs and courtesies, respect for authority are extremely important in military relationships. Follow Army guidance, address those senior in rank by their title. Otherwise performance exceeds standards.

Show patience for new arrivals and their lack of experience. Try to remember how you felt as a trainee. Bridge the knowledge gap by allowing young Soldiers to instruct trainees. They are closer to the learning process and understand the areas that need to be addressed first to build a foundation for everything they will learn in the future.

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