Plan of Action (Finance/82nd FMSU)

The Army Leadership Model is based on "BE, KNOW, DO". The "BE" and "KNOW" encompass the following:


i). Character: Use the Army values, empathy and warrior ethos. Self awareness is also apart of character. This is the character needed for the Soldier who says, "I am an Expert and I am a Professional". These are values that are internal and core to you. So remember them, study them, reflect and re-evaluate them and act on them when performing assigned duties and interacting with seniors, peers and subordinates. Do everything with your utmost and with the integrity of your heart. Otherwise, you are nothing without it. Show respect in little and in big things, then people will want to team up with you. Apply NIMS.

ii). Presence: Use military bearing, physical fitness, confidence and resilience. You are perceived by others based on your outward appearance, demeanor, actions and words. Use the KAF smart book, AR PAM 670-1 and other regulations that govern who you are as a Soldier. Continue improving aspects of your Presence. Observe that your uniform and grooming are on-point. No loose strings, no mismatched uniform. Keep fitness and H/W on point. Use the grading system every 2 weeks.

iii). Intellect: These encompass agility, judgment, innovation, interpersonal tact and domain knowledge. Pursue knowing the DDS system, POS system and how to fill Milpay forms and customer service skills is talking professionally to any and everybody. Be innovative in operating these systems in out-of-the-box situations. You have enrolled in 2 courses of 6 credit hours for Civilian Ed. Develop innovative ideas to improve the Cashier SOP. We are a Customer Service Operation; look out the opposite side of your window to make sure the information is adequate and the rates are up-to date. Some customers may not need to see you once the information is out there. Maintain situational awareness since we are still in enemy territory. You don't want your weapons to be snatched and used against you when you are not watching.

The Army Leadership Model is based on "BE, KNOW, DO". The "DO" encompasses the following:


i). Lead: You have all been assigned the task of training two cashiers. This is a collaborative effort, but work tirelessly to produce technically proficient cashiers.

ii). Develops: You will be training two cashiers on all aspects of cashiering both at Main Site and at FMST locations. Show them everything and make a FMST Binder for them. You will cover all aspects of all that you turn in to DA and Kiosk Runs. On a personal level, make sure you work to improve muscle strength for a PT performance goal of 250 or above.

iii). Achieves: Make sure you ACE the Courtesy Inspection questions. Ace the two courses. Proficiently train Cashiers. Print out your ERB every end of the month and prepare a goals statement for the incoming month. Max your ACCPs. You are at 301 hrs. For now add another 20 hours. Make sure your mandatory courses are current. Achieve all of your other goals. Monthly assessments will monitor how you are doing.

Shared by SSG Herbert A. Odhiambo, 82nd FMSU, Fort Bragg

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