Extra Duty & Restricted Counseling

PVT Snuffy was counseled on his requirements for extra duty:

1. Number of days Extra duty:14

2. Number of days Restricted:14

3. Beginning date:24JUN2019 Ending date:07JUL2019

o Uniform is ACUs (SQDN SDNCO may change the uniform requirements if task requires it).

o Report times for extra duty:

Weekdays Extra duty is from 1800 until mission complete or No Earlier Than 2300.

Saturdays, Training Holidays, Holidays report times are 0900-2300.

Sundays report times are 1300-2300. Extra duty personnel will be released when all tasks are completed but NET 2300.

All release times are based on the SDNCO requirements to ensure mission/tasks are completed.

o Meals: Extra duty personnel are required to eat prior to reporting for duty. For meals that fall during scheduled work period, extra duty personnel are allowed 30 minutes for meals. All meals must be consumed in either the closest open dining facility or in the Squadron Headquarters/Troop Command Post.

o Extra duty personnel are not authorized outgoing phone calls or visitors unless it's an emergency.

o Soldier was counseled on his responsibility to perform his extra duty, to report at the designated times in the proper uniform and that only the 1SG is authorized to excuse him from extra duty.

o Restriction: Soldier was informed his restriction will be handled at Troop level and that he is restricted to the Brigade area for the time period stated above. The Brigade Area includes the following places: Squadron Headquarters, Troop Command Posts, DFAC, and Squadron Motor Pool (Soldier must sign out with their unit CQ to go to their place of worship and PX for essential items only with an NCO escort approved by the 1SG).

This counseling statement has been furnished to you, not as a punitive measure under the provisions of article 15, UCMJ, but as an administrative measure to stress that continued behavior of the same or a similar nature may result in initiation of action separating you from the U.S. Army under the provisions of Chapter (5) (8) (11) (13) (14) , AR 635-200. Such action may result in either an Honorable Discharge, General Discharge, or an Other Than Honorable (OTH) Discharge. If you receive a General or an OTH Discharge, this could result in the possible loss of some or all Veterans Benefits and substantial prejudice in obtaining civilian employment. In addition, if you have contributed money to the Montgomery G.I. Bill and you are released from active duty with a less than Honorable Discharge, you will not be eligible to receive money for educational purposes and any money already contributed for educational purposes is nonrefundable and may be forfeited.

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