Culinary Specialist
Initial Counseling

Accountability: Make sure to be at the right place 10 minutes prior and in the correct uniform for the day whether it be for the DFAC or COMPANY/PT. If you are unable to make it to any formation please contact me or any other NCO to get accountability of you and to determine the reason you will not be at the formation. Any information passed down in the group chat should be acknowledged.

* Uniform Appearance: AR 670-1 covers wear and appearance, ch 7-8 cover Garrison Culinary Wear and Appearance for both male and female. As a 92G, I expect you to always have a clean apron, clean/pressed cook whites, belt, proper boots, socks, thermometer, pen, paper, CAC and both ID TAGS on hand at all times when you report to your assigned shift. I expect you to meet these standards or exceed them.

* Personal Hygiene: As a 92G you are expected to maintain personal hygiene due to the risk of affecting other soldiers' health since we handle their food. Please make sure to maintain your nails trimmed and free of dirt. To prevent issues with body odor, please remember to shower and wear deodorant and brush your teeth.

* Duty Performance: Remember that there is always room for improvement. Continue to study Army Regulations for your growth. This will benefit you when you become a SPC.

* Physical Fitness: PT is not optional. You are to report to PT formation everyday that you are not in the DFAC unless told otherwise. Make sure you're training on your own time in order to pass the ACFT and HT/WT in accordance with AR 600-9. As Culinary Specialists, our schedules are hectic so PT is your responsibility at all times regardless of your participation in morning PT. PT Uniform will be pushed down and should be acknowledged depending on weather conditions.

* Financial Issues: If you have any financial issues please let me know so that we can address them and get you the help you need.

* Personal/Family Issues: Please come to me if you are having any kind of issue in or out of the Army. If you don't feel comfortable talking to me or another NCO please remember there are other resources you can use such as EBH, Chaplain, and Open Door Policy.

* Military Education: Education is important for your growth as a soldier/civilian. I expect you to start working on your Correspondence Courses and get at least 5 hours done a week. Going to college is something that you can utilize even if it's one semester at a time on-line or in person. This will put you above your peers.

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