Initial Counseling, First Sergeant

1. This is your initial counseling on your duties as the company First Sergeant for B Co 186 BSB. The purpose of this counseling is to outline specifically what I expect from you as the First Sergeant, as well as what you can expect from me as the Commander. Furthermore, is will also give us a chance to formally discuss any current issues with the company.

2. The following are the key points of discussion for this counseling session:

o Leadership

o Accountability

o Physical Fitness

o Personal Appearance

o Competence

o Professional Development: NCOPD

o Equipment/Weapons

o Safety

o Training

o Communication

o Family

o Other Tasks as Assigned

LEADERSHIP: As the 1SG, you're in charge of supervising a Company. All of our Soldiers will look up to you in everything you do. I expect you to lead by example and to influence and motivate our Soldiers to follow and trust you. You should expect the same from me. When guidance is given, we have a mutual respect and understanding for one another but more importantly in the relationships we build with the NCOs of this Company. We may not agree on all issues but know that I am here to openly listen to constructive recommendations and we will work as a team, hand in hand, as one representative for our Company. As the 1SG, you set the standard as well as enforce the standard especially when it comes to be administratively sound and logistically prepped within the company. Standards are set to be reached. My expectation for you is to assist in achieving standards and strive for continued improvement both as an individual and for the Company.

ACCOUNTABILITY: As the 1SG, it is your responsibility to account for, monitor and supervise your Soldiers. My expectations are for you to keep me informed of company issues especially those concerning missing equipment or lack of accountability within the Company. Please keep me informed of accountability, serviceability, and maintenance of your assigned equipment. My vision for you is to remain the gate keeper of our Company. I look to you to be my eyes and ears of your Company. Keep an up to date situational awareness of the ins and outs of your Platoon to include inspections, rectifying issues that exist and never being afraid to get your hands dirty if it means bettering the Platoon. I strive for continued improvement not perfection. Hold every and all personnel accountable for their equipment, time, and actions. Any lost or stolen property is the responsibility of that Soldier and a statement of charges will be issued; no ifs ands or buts. If there is a failure to complete a mission or task they must be counseled both verbally and in writing if a pattern develops, I look to you to counsel the Senior NCOs if a failure exists. If a Soldier fails that means the leadership has failed. We are one team not separate individuals. I strongly assert we take care of our own within the boundaries of our Company unless too critical of an issue. While teamwork is crucial for a successful Company, the use of the chain of command is encouraged. This adherence requires the support of all Officers, NCOs, and Soldiers within the Company. Also understand that I have an open door policy and an open ear. My priority is always the welfare, happiness and performance of our Soldiers.

PHYSICAL FITNESS: Similar to general leadership, I expect you to be able to 'lead from the front in physical fitness.' I don't expect you to have the highest PT score in the Company or necessarily run the longest or fastest. 'Leading from the front' is being able to gauge a Soldier's physical fitness level and organize into ability groups, push Soldiers that are struggling with PT and strive for continued improvement. My goal for the Company average PT score is 180 with 60% in each event. Encourage junior NCOs and Soldiers to take more active leadership roles. My expectation is we finish as a Company in everything we do; not necessarily 1st in everything, just finish as a unit. PT is a challenge for everyone. I expect that we work with our Soldiers to work towards improvement not perfection. Secondly, I am not looking for six pack abs, I am simply looking for strides for improvement and assisting in building esprit de core. Additionally, Soldiers that do not remain in compliance with H/W will report in PTs the first morning upon arrival to formation. Following formation, Soldiers will complete Height/Weight. Those also not in compliance with H/W and/or PT will remain after final formation on each Saturday and will complete Commander's PT program. My expectation is that you assist in this program and support me in improving the Company. To assist you, assign an NCO from the company to monitor H/W and PT statistics. My expectation is if we have Soldiers within the company that are not incompliance, you will stay as well. I will not micromanage your NCOs or Soldiers, I encourage you to develop your own internal expectations of your Soldiers within your Company. One team one fight.

PERSONAL APPEARANCE: The Company will constantly look to the Officers and NCOs for what right looks like. You must set the standards for the Soldiers to follow and ensure those standards are always being met through NCO channels. I also expect you to make recommendations to me as we have a working relationship and set the example for future officer/NCO relationships. Ensure your peers are doing the same. All Soldiers are to remain neatly groomed, with a proper military haircut. Females will be expected to maintain proper grooming standards and in many ways you and I will be looked at for what right looks like in this respect. All NCOs will be responsible for ensuring that this standard is maintained.

COMPETENCE: The Soldiers will look to you to know what right looks like in terms of tactical and technical proficiency. Building trust in our tactical and technical knowledge is an important force multiplier when Soldiers rely on our ability to make decisions. How you impart your knowledge of the past and learn and implement knowledge of the future greatly effects the training of the Soldiers of our Company. Furthermore, their military livelihoods depend on your administrative skills. Knowing where to get help when you don't know the answer to a Soldier's question and being able to help Soldiers track their career will set them up for success. As an experienced NCO and mechanic, I know you have considerable knowledge and expertise in both Soldier tasks and administrative operations. I expect you to strive to maintain those skills but more importantly enforce this for your NCOs and Soldiers. Develop to strive for and maintain considerable knowledge. My goal is to have administrative data in on time, properly completed and submitted when necessary with little push back. I personally will take the time to review each counseling and expect you to do the same with an HONEST assessment. I personally will strive to do the same on my end.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: As a career Soldier, you know the importance of professional development. I encourage you to set the example by doing whatever it takes to further your education and the education of our Soldiers. One major expectation is NCOES completion. NCO time is something underutilized within the entire Company. I ask that time is used wisely, if Soldiers are not receiving the mentorship needed, guide them and assist in correcting the NCOs. I expect you to work towards the future of both your career and for the success of our Company. I urge you to continue your military education, as well as your civilian education if possible, taking any military or civilian courses that become available to you. I ask the same of our Soldiers and you can expect the same of me. I expect that you will keep an NCOER support form to keep an ongoing and up to date record of your performance throughout the year. This is a requirement for all NCOs and crucial for your development. I expect you to enforce the NCOs of the Company to maintain NCOER support forms. It remains a requirement not a suggestion. I will look to you to enforce this in addition to quarterly counselings.

EQUIPMENT AND WEAPONS: Just as accountability of Soldiers is an absolute necessity, so too is accountability with equipment and weapons. We have a vast array of equipment and weaponry that are accountable items. Working through the Supply Channels and Company Leadership, I expect you to ensure all Soldiers in the Company maintain strict standards in equipment, weapon maintenance, serviceability of equipment with proper training, as well as accountability. I expect you to learn the ins and outs of your Soldiers and their Equipment. A poised and organized chain of command sometimes makes all the difference. Our equipment cannot take care of us if we cannot take care of our equipment. This also plays an important role with personal appearance. Our equipment is not to become mobile trash cans. Interiors and exteriors of all the Companies equipment will be kept clean and in good working order. Each NCO is responsible for ensuring that any faults identified during their daily PMCS is reported and resolved in a timely manner, proper record keeping and paperwork is completed, and the chain of command is informed of deadlined items. I ask that you remain the critical solution focused individual in making this happen.

SAFETY: Safety is always a highlighted issue in the military and it will remain one of my expectations for you to implement. I have little tolerance for both drugs and alcohol abuse, especially while on duty. Drugs are a highlighted issue and I want to ensure we give our Soldiers the best available help. It degrades our readiness but more importantly it degrades our Soldiers' well being. If there is an issue that is raised to your level, please inform me. We can get the assistance we need to support our Soldiers. Also, I will not tolerate harassment. You must set the standard for your Section by enforcing the zero tolerance policy on drugs, alcohol, and harassment. Ensure that proper safety procedures are conducted during training. Encourage Soldiers to take safety precautions while on and off duty.

TRAINING: As First Sergeant, the first and foremost Company issue that will be on your mind is training. My expectation is for you to assist me, while incorporating our Soldiers, to develop training, not limited to, that is mission specific, MOS related, and Mountain training related. Help me ensure that every Soldier knows and understands the unit SOPs and policies as well as ensure that each Soldier is receiving quality training. Efficiency is the key in the limited time we have. Preparation is critical and will be required for success. You may find yourself working outside of normal drill weekends to ensure this happens. You will complete risk assessments, training plans, and keep a leaders book for the Company. Soldiers must be taking measures to learn the positions above them. I expect that you will ensure the NCOs in the unit perform their duties and responsibilities to standard and they train and develop the Soldiers they supervise to take their place. I expect you to help me check all training for risks and assess and mitigate them to further improve the Companies training. We cannot take our training time for granted.

COMMUNICATION: I feel the quality of the Company is derived from the quality of the working relationship between us. The working relationship between the Company Leadership is among the most important. I highly believe that with every good officer there is an outstanding NCO. In order to maximize our ability to plan, organize, and execute training we must work as a cohesive element. We will share conflicts and concerns and I value your input as the senior NCO in the company. Never hesitate to raise concerns, bring up discussion points or simply spark a conversation. Information streaming will occur in both directions; from me to you and you to me. I value rapport. Soldiers are extremely impressionable and if they witness our professional relationship, they will then reflect the same work ethic and rapport with future soldiers, NCOs and Officers. Communication extends beyond the Company. I encourage you to gain insight from other NCOs. Although I am your evaluator, your professional development comes from reflection of other NCOs and leaders. I trust in your ability to streamline information and communication at all levels.

FAMILY: Even before the military comes family. It is the ground we remain on and the reason we have this profession. In our busy schedules never refrain from family matters. They are the main support hub in which we remain grounded. I encourage you to take time to be with your family and support them in any way possible. I value a strong family relationship and expect you to encourage our Soldiers to do the same.

ALL OTHER TASKS AS ASSIGNED: As we well know, titles within our Company are never limited to the duty description described. There are implied tasked and responsibilities that come with our positions. Expect to react on the fly and take things as they come. My goal is to build this Company better than is has been in the past. More importantly I want our Soldiers to be happy and trust in the Chain of Command. I commit that I will develop the Officers of this Company to the best of my ability and I ask you to do the same for the NCOs. Areas of special interest will always be Retention, Recruiting, Medical and Dental Readiness, Equipment Readiness, Training, and Development, Supply, CSDP, OCIE, Family Support, PT/HT/WT, NCOes and 79A. These remain a hot topic as always and I personally ask for your help in building improvement in these categories.

Always know that I have an open door and our working relationship is a priority for me. Decisions made will always remain in the best interest of our Soldiers. This Company is a family and I wish to foster such an environment.




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