Initial Counseling, Career Counselor

Job Description: As the Battalion career counselor, you will report directly to the CSM and S-1 NCOIC, maintain direct coordination with the BDE and Unit Career Counselor. You are to ensure that all necessary documents are prepared for successful extension packets. Maintain retention binder, regulations and files. Manage retention interviews at each required level. Supervise and train company level career counselors. Assist in solving Soldier care issues. Assist with awards, advancements, education programs Employer Support of the Guard (ESGR) programs and any Soldier incentive programs.

Appearance: You will maintain the standards outlined in AR 670-1, take pride in your uniform and appearance. Be an example for other Soldiers. Remember first impressions can at times be lasting impressions. You are a reflection of your senior leadership and this organization.

Physical Fitness: I expect you to maintain your physical conditioning. You will ensure that you are capable of passing the APFT and maintaining height and weight standards set forth in AR 600-9.

Duties: If you have duty, such as, but not limited to CQ and guard duty, you need to ensure that you are in the proper place at the proper time and in the correct uniform for that particular duty. Be aware that things change at a moment's notice, so be prepared in case that situation arises. Always be prepared and plan ahead.

Leadership: Ensure that you maintain your professionalism. Should a situation arise in which you feel uncomfortable or are confronted with a delicate situation, immediately notify your CSM, 1SG or myself. Do not become disrespectful or unprofessional with other Soldiers.

Discipline: The true measure of discipline is doing the right thing, even when no one is observing. I expect you to maintain high standards of self-discipline and your military bearing at all times.

Communication: As Soldiers it is critical that we communicate effectively, I expect you to be upfront and honest with me, as I will be with you. Your views and opinions are important and I expect you to share them with me. We have different approaches and methods. We learn from each other. Remember, bad news does not get better with time.

Professional Development: You will be required to seek self improvement by correspondence and civilian education. Take time to study the new NCOER format 2166-9 per AR 623-3. Establish your personal goals and expectations for this mobilization. Ensure these goals are achievable.

I look forward to serving with you and would greatly appreciate your comments and suggestions. We can achieve more working together as a team than as individuals. Should you have any questions or problems do not hesitate to contact me.


Sexual harassment is unacceptable conduct, Army wide. The prevention of sexual harassment is the responsibility of every Soldier and civilian. All leaders, to include yourself, must understand that if they witness or otherwise know of incidents of sexual harassment, they are obligated to act. If they do not, they themselves are also engaging in sexual harassment. Remember sexual harassment destroys teamwork and negatively affects combat readiness.

- Ensure that you and any Soldiers you are responsible for understand the consequences that can occur if caught fraternizing, involved in sexual harassment and/or consuming illegal substances. AR 600-20 (Army Command Policy)

- Equal Opportunity: Discrimination in any form will not be tolerated in this organization. Each Soldier and civilian will receive equal opportunity and fair treatment regardless of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or national origin in all aspects of their duties. Leaders, including yourself, are expected to sustain a positive EO climate within their units and ensure the environment is free of discriminatory practices.

- Remember you are an adult and an NCO in the United States Army. You will be treated as such. Your supervisor and all junior enlisted Soldiers will expect you and the Soldiers assigned to you to maintain your military bearing at all times and follow the directions of your seniors.

- Keep good open communication with your subordinates, peers, and especially your supervisors. An email is good, but a phone call is better.

- You will maintain proper weight and work to exceed the APFT standards to at least above 70 points on each event.

- Pay close attention to detail in your work even in the most trivial of tasks, verify your work with your NCOs and supervisors if possible prior to turn-in. Check in with your immediate supervisor each day prior to departure.

- Become familiar with all the systems, forms, regulations and policies to be successful in your appointed duties.

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