Clean Slate Initial CounselingGold Star

Purpose of Counseling


-Clean Slate
-Chain of Command/NCO Support Channel
-Physical Fitness
-Soldier 24/7

-Drugs and Alcohol
-Personal Appearance
-Barracks Cleanliness

Key Points of Discussion

This is your initial counseling as my soldier in ___ Platoon. I will be outlining my expectations of you while you are under my responsibility. From this point forward I will be your Gunner/First Line Supervisor.

o Clean Slate- As a new soldier in this platoon, you have been offered the opportunity to start fresh. Your past actions and/or decisions will not be held against you. Consider this your chance to prove yourself to your Chain of Command and separate yourself positively from your peers.

o Respect- As a soldier you should already know that respect is a two-way street. I will give you the very same respect you show me. I expect you to do the same to the other soldiers regardless of what their rank is. If this ever becomes an issue that needs to be addressed, I will handle it accordingly.

o Accountability- You are expected to be at the right place at the right time and in the right uniform. If there is ever an issue or you are tasked out by another leader, you are expected to contact me, your First Line Supervisor.

o Chain of Command/NCO Support Channel- You will at all times use the Chain of Command and NCO Support Channel. I expect you to exhaust all means necessary to use me before going to the next level. However, if there is ever an issue that you have with me, that cannot be resolved personally between you and I, it is acceptable to go one level above me in the Chain of Command.

o Physical Fitness- It is the soldier's responsibility to stay physically fit and be ready to take and pass a physical fitness test at all times. You are expected to be able to lead morning PT with knowledge and confidence. I encourage you to reference FM 7-22 for proper procedures and physical exercise.

o Soldier 24/7- No matter what you are doing or where you are, you are always a soldier on and off duty. You not only represent yourself, but you also represent ___ Platoon, ____ Company and the _____ battalion. Act accordingly when you are on and off the installation because you never know who may be watching.

o Formation- You will report to all formations 10-15 minutes prior to the stated time of formation. The one exception to this is 0630 formation for which you will report by 0610 per ___ Platoon standard. Live by the philosophy that early is on time and on time is late.

o Drugs and Alcohol- At no time will you use drugs or substances deemed illegal or off limits by the U.S. Army. Positive testing for illegal and or off limits drugs will result in Involuntary Separation from the U.S. Army per AR 600-85. Exceptions to this are drugs prescribed to you by a licensed doctor. However, there is an acceptable range in time for you to be taking such drug(s) stated on the prescription. If tested positive for prescribed drug(s) and is proven to be taken outside of said range of time, disciplinary action may be taken. The Company Commander has been given the authority to test soldiers for illegal use of drugs and or substances at any given time without prior notice. Marijuana is legal to posses and consume in some states, however you have not been given the same privilege while you are a soldier in the U.S. Army. Since you are of the age to consume alcohol legally, consumption of alcoholic beverages will be done in moderation and within the 2ID "Fight Tonight" standards.

o Discipline- I will instill discipline into you on every aspect of a soldier. I challenge you to choose the hard right over the easy wrong.

o Personal Appearance- You will at all times present a clean and neat appearance. I encourage you to read all of AR 670-1.

o Barracks Cleanliness- Your barracks room must stay clean and organized. I can and will drop in and check to see how you are living unannounced. You bear the responsibility for everything and everyone in your room. Given that, be cautious of whom you invite to your room.

o SHARP- At no time will anyone be subject to harassment or assault of a sexual nature. Treat others with respect and dignity.

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