Initial Counseling for Deployment

I look forward to continuing to develop the platoon throughout the deployment. The following are duties, responsibilities, and expectations I have:

1) To discuss your roles and responsibilities as Distribution Platoon Sergeant:

a. General Guidance: Live by the Soldiers Creed, Creed of the Noncommissioned Officer, and the Army Values. Though we are proficient in what we do, we must prepare the future generation of Soldiers to lead as they move into our positions later on.

b. Be completely transparent with me and share information at all times.

c. Unit Cohesion, SHARP, EO, and EEO: We must create an environment where team building is encouraged and solving problems as a unit is emphasized.

2) Per Echo Company SOP, your duties and responsibilities include:

a. Train and evaluate Soldiers IAW the Army Training and Evaluation Program/ security technical procedures.

b. Assist the platoon leader in the execution of POL operations; provide guidance and oversight to section sergeants.

c. Ensure all sections have adequate classes of supply for missions; ensure communications are established for POL operations; ensure Soldiers are licensed on all assigned equipment.

d. Provide guidance to the POL Section Chief.

3) For you to provide guidance:

a. Self Sufficient Section Sergeants: I'd like to see the Section Sergeants given more accountability for their development, though we will be ultimately responsible for their success or failure. This will include counselings and regular evaluations from you and I to refine processes.

b. Help provide logistics for training conducted by Staff Sergeants and below.

c. Mentor and develop Soldiers under your care for higher levels of responsibility. This will be done through monthly counselings.

4) As general guidance, consider the following when making decisions that aren't clear:

a. Soldiers Creed

b. Creed of the Noncommissioned Officer

c. Army Values.

As leaders, it is our responsibility to act on our Soldiers best interests and place them and the mission above all else. We must set the example for those that look up to us and be accountable for our actions. I have high expectations of you, our platoon, and myself moving forward and will be continuously evaluating to improve upon all of the above.

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