New Soldier Initial Counseling

Purpose of Counseling

This is your initial counseling. During this counseling I will outline the things that are expected of you and what you can expect from me as your Squad Leader. I will also go over the goals I expect you to meet by the end of this quarter.

Key Points of Discussion

Your place of duty is bldg 300. Our duty day starts at 0800 and ends at 1630. Report at least 10 minutes prior to the actual reporting time. Do not leave your place of duty early.

You will be issued personal equipment. All Soldiers must maintain 100% accountability of all the equipment issued. Failure to maintain accountability of the equipment issued to you could result in involuntary deductions from your pay and/or punishment under the UCMJ.

Before signing for your room or any equipment, inspect it and ensure its condition is accurately recorded. This will prevent you paying for damage that occurred before it was issued to you.

You are under legal drinking age. You are not authorized to buy, possess, or drink any kind of alcohol, whether on-duty or off, on-base or off.

Sign out with the CQ when you leave the barracks and sign in when you return. As your Squad Leader, I am required to always know your whereabouts.

Your room must be kept clean and up-to-standards at all times. Review the OI posted in the snack bar area for standards. No one is allowed to stay overnight.

Participate in PT every morning unless otherwise instructed by me or other supervisors in the chain of command. Fitness is the foundation of Soldering; make it a priority.

Conduct yourself in a professional manner towards all NCOs and Officers in the unit. Assume the position of attention when speaking to an officer and the position of parade rest when addressing an NCO.

Clear all appointments with me. If you are sick, the clinic opens at 0600. Inform me if possible before going to sick call.

You are expected to follow all lawful orders, rules and regulations in accordance with the Uniform Code of Military Justice and local and federal laws.

My phone number is (912) 598-XXXX. I am always available but do not call after 2200 or before 0500 unless it is important.

Plan of Action

PT is at 0630 every morning at the parade field. Be there on time, in PT uniform.

Inform me before signing up for classes, extra duty, or any other obligation.

Stay close to me at all times, follow my directions, report any problems.

Until you become acclimated to your new assignment, you will be supervised at all times.

We will review your performance at the end of each month during counseling.

Leader Responsibilities

I will make sure you understand what your responsibilities are and follow up to ensure your performance meets standards.

We will assess your performance at the end of this month and every month after that in order to ensure you understand your responsibilities and have the tools you need to do the job.

As your Squad Leader, I will inspect your room every morning to make sure you are maintaining standards. If I discover any illegal possessions, such as weapons or alcohol, I will report it and you will face disciplinary action.

You are an adult and should have the self-discipline necessary to take care of yourself. However, if you encounter financial or personal issues, don't have enough to eat, don't have cold weather gear, or any other problem, LET ME KNOW SO I CAN HELP.

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